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Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 6

Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 6 published on 17 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 6

Happy 2022! First comic of the new year! Have a cheerful page full of happy characters.

I have updates! I am currently dealing with a repetitive stress injury in my drawing arm! I am going to the doctor about it this week, so I’ve been trying to not use my arm very much until I get advice on how to properly heal my arm. That means that updates might be spotty! I was able to get this page done, but I can’t promise that I’ll stay on schedule while I try to take care of my arm!

My next update is that with the newest surge of Covid, I’ve been forced to cancel my table at Further Confusion next week. It was a really hard decision to make, and I don’t make it lightly! Because of this, I’m running a small sale on my store for the rest of the month! All domestic orders have free shipping!


I think that display makes you a bit harder to trust there, gecko demon lady

Good thing that she arranged things so that those inside couldn’t see anything.

Or bad thing for Meesh and Bloodcarver

If she is genuinely helping Meesh, she’s putting on a good act for the other dragons

That’s the frustrating thing with demons or demon/hell-themed characters: deception is so ingrained that you can never tell whether any act of cruelty is part of their genuine character or a routinely-practiced act necessary to fit in Hell.
The thing is that is kind of the point: you cannot tell whether she is genuinely trustworthy savvy savior or plotting to kidnap Michelle for her own benefit.

Wishing you the best with your rsi. Please, please take it seriously. I know taking breaks from the most important things in your life is incredibly hard but if you need to, don’t hesitate to do so. Or it might end up not being a choice anymore.

The unfortunate reality is that doctors often don’t know much about rsi, even specialists you’d expect to understand it, so if you feel like yours isn’t treating your pain seriously during your visit, trust your gut and talk to a different one. Bad advice from my doctor in the crucial early stages of my pain caused my issues to become debilitating and severe, because they treated it like a quick fix acute injury, rather than the serious and potentially life-altering problem it was. I will never be pain free again and I will always regret not taking proper care of myself when it really mattered – if something hurts, STOP DOING IT IMMEDIATELY. But make sure you don’t let your arm atrophy from lack of use – When it doesn’t hurt just to exist, work on building strength in the affected limb, carefully and slowly. It helps a lot to be stronger, but you can’t force it or rush it. Know your limits.

I’m so sorry this comment is all over the place. I just don’t want anyone else to suffer needlessly like I have.

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