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Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 7

Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 7 published on 25 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 7

Michelle and Bloodcarver are back! Did you forget they were there? I almost did.

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They are not going anywhere until you start explaining you damn hell gecko.

Obviously the dragons that live there are batteries because they are slightly, every so slightly, there by choice. Whereas our amazing sphynx here has not been given a choice, so this demon is actually helping her leave. I don’t imagine all demons would have that view, but so far she seems nice enough, for a demon.

so far i don’t think we’ve been given any evidence that the demons are inherently bad folks. Gabe had a regular ?poker? game with the brothers, and seemed willing to collaborate with them. Kinda feels like the ‘demon’ label is more there to bias the audience against them.

Meesh glows in the dark when she’s afraid now?

…Not the optimum survival strategy in a horror game.

The glow is her magical energy getting drained out of her body. Cf. previous page where the gecko demon lady drained one of the dragons, you could see the same purple aura around the victim.

Gecko demon has an amusing design, with her short stubby legs and long beefy arms. She’d probably move faster if she walked on her hands.

Whoa okay, I think I have a theory now. Lemme guess, the demons never really wanted a living sphynx and only said so because they thought there were none left until Michelle showed up. And now that one is helping Michelle so they can keep draining the dragons in peace. Huh.

I get the feeling it’s Gabe and/or the Angels in play. Why the gecko demon lady would work with Gabe is the real question in that case. Likely some form of debt or deal if I had my guess. Gabe has no qualms about interacting and socializing with the demons after all.

Gabe would have stopped Bloodcarver earlier in the story if he hadn’t let Mitch go for example. I doubt that duty stopped there, even if it’s being done begrudgingly. This was probably Gabe’s backup plan in case things ended up going this far.

A typical demon fault is that their own treacherous nature can undermine their own security. It is entirely possible that Gecko demon lady is rebel of some sort that is doing it to screw the overlord, which would fit with the heavy Earth clothing. Probably has something to let her get away good.
I also have doubts that Gabe has full awareness of what is going on here or knows it real-time. Then there is the question of how much Gabe is allowed to do and how much can they squirt under whatever rules bind them.

Forget explaining why they should trust you – how exactly did she get those clothes down in limbo?!

How does any demon get clothes down in limbo? The Grimm Brothers weren’t naked either, or

Demons are creatures of magic, and often depicted as shapeshifters. Those may not be clothes?, or

Maybe the standing Friday night poker game with Gabe is strip poker with Gabe and she’s wearing the pot.

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