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Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 10

Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 10 published on 18 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 10

Happy February! We finally know the demon’s name! I can stop calling her “the demon!” Hooray!

Skin Deep will NOT update next week, February 8th! I’m still recovering from my repetitive stress injury in my elbow, and I can only draw about half as much as I’m used to! So far I’ve been putting all that into Skin Deep and my other work has fallen behind! So I’m going to take the next week to try to catch up with some of my non-comic work! Thank you for understanding, and I’ll see you with a new page on February 15th!


Finally, a name! I can finally stop call her gecko lady. Vera is still a bit suspiceus but I dont see any other option for them.

‘Faith,’ eh? And Slavic? Neat.

Do like the in your face of that one. Is it her real name, because it would be darkly fitting for a demoness. That gleam in the eye too blatant lie that GREAT con-men use sometimes…

Or, heck, plenty of stories have demons being able to be bound or compelled by their True Names, so it could even be both an alias AND completely benign. Just for a third possibility.

So really can’t blame Michelle from being DONE with this. That’s a lot of paranoia games, just because somebody told you their name.

Holy freaking crap, I JUST caught up with the webcomic after rediscovering it. I COMPLETELY forgot it existed and the last thing I read was when the white stag, (Blanche?), had his friend turn into a bird, I think the last panel I can remember was them playing games at the end of that chapter. I just BINGED the entire freaking comic in 8 hours and I am so much more in love with it, I cried so much cause Jim was such a jerk to his cousin and just UGH I love the side stories and flashbacks and stuff so much and then the main story like… HOLY CRAP! I need more so much, I’m so glad this comic is still up and running, I could cry I’m so happy T-T <3 Absolutely BEAUTIFUL WORK! <3 <3 <3

P.S. Sorry for the sporadic caps lock and terrible punctuation and grammar, I have no control at the moment after catching up on the story

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