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2024 Reader Question 100

2024 Reader Question 100 published on 32 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 100

Another thing I’m working on: I’ll be at VanCAF this weekend! If you’re in Vancouver, Canada, come on down to the Roundhouse and check it out, it’s free!

ATTENTION PEOPLE GOING TO VANCAF: I will not be there. I got sick last minute and had to cancel. :( I’m very sad! The silver lining is that I will be doing FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA on all Plesiostore orders this weekend with the discount code “SORRYURSICK”, so if you were going to buy something from me, you still can, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg!


If you swallowed a medallion, would it still work? Would the magic make your digestion messed up?

The forges we’ve seen do not promise to have churned out surgical steel, so, unless an aspect of their magic specifically protects them, the medallion would have a limited lifetime in gastric acid (cf. ).

With medallions working their disguise head to toe in every which direction as long as it is anywhere within a few feet(?) of its owner, I’d expect it to still work properly ’til then.

Should it instead “decide” that your stomach lining is the (only) “outer” body surface in need of a disguise … well, it is just a disguise and not shape shifting, so even if limbs were added to your insides or somesuch, that shouldn’t interfere with your digestion, should it? >;->

I apologize that my question probably came across as blunt or impatient, I wasn’t even being terribly serious (there was an emote, apparently windows emotes don’t show here). Just knew we were approaching 100 and I have noticed you’ve dropped your one question per person per round rule so it was just a curious thought xD

Anyway, take the time you need Kory! RQ’s have always made the breaks enjoyable.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. :(
What are your characters like when they’re sick? Who gets all lethargic? Who’s a complainer? Any “bedside manner vampires”? Who powers through anyway? Who just goes to sleep?
Additionally: Which of your characters have the best bedside manner for a sick friend or family member?

I’ve been going back and reading my actual dead-tree copies of your books from way back, and they’re so awesome! Kory, you are doing a great job, everyone loves your work, and I am sure that everything will turn out awesome. Keep working at your own pace and keep making awesome things just as you have been already! Readers are here for the long haul, and rushing you is counterproductive, so we’re here to enjoy the ride, not rush you to the conclusion!

I recognize Ike & Greg, Dean & Lily, dressed for lower temperatures than the summerish weather we’ve seen so far at the L.A.

Greg seems to be wearing a sweatshirt with the name of a farm supply store chain.

> Greg seems to be wearing a sweatshirt with the name of a farm supply store chain.

… do you have a reason to think of them
instead of assuming that it’s yet another shirt-sporting-a-band-name, like so many we’ve seen in Skin Deep?

Also: I don’t have much of an eye for such details, is Dean in his winter fur? ;-3

[From my other comment that went to moderation:]
> is Dean in his winter fur? ;-3

… oooh, that made me think of an RQ candidate: Do those who grow a winter fur have to either switch clothing sizes according to the season, or shave it off/short to keep the fit? (Or am I overestimating the difference in (compressed) volume here?)

Hey, you’re giving us this entertaining story for free. And, even though you have had difficulties in writing the next arc, you’ve ensured that we haven’t been worried about you dropping the comic by keeping up Reader Questions on a regular basis. Look after yourself first, any reader who complains about a hiatus THIS gentle is a whiny baby.

That said, the first of those comments read, to me at least, less “Why hasn’t the comic updated!” and more “Could you please give us a checkup on update progress?”.

The second I read more of a “Is there a backup plan for RQ’s, if you end up getting to a point where you’re not ready to post yet?” The answer seemingly implied in this comic being “I haven’t thought of it, as I’m hoping to actually update the comic as soon as I can”.

Which actually leads me to an actual question already listed here. “Is there an alternative for Reader Question’s, if you end up getting to a point where you run out anytime in the future?”

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