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I’ll be honest, since the comment ages ago about being uncertain how to address multiple heads and how that would translate with amulets I’ve been wanting to say my thought on it. And this page with a multi-headed creature seems appropriate.

Why do the heads each have to have their own personality? Can’t they just be elaborate extra limbs controlled by a central brain? Maybe with a rudimentary second brain or advanced neural system in the heads? So a multi-headed creature with an amulet would just have the one personality. And if the heads did act differently it could always be an active deception for survival…or just for laughs.

For questions such as these, I would recommend you research conjoinment, especially that of Dicephalic_Parapagus twins such as the famous pair, Abby & Brittany Hensel. Also other conjoinment, such as Ischiopagus Twins, will give you an idea of what type of control they might have over their own body. Even wikipedia will give you some answers to your question in the real world. It’s a “truth is stranger than fiction” sort of thing.

Trollhunter movie had a fun thing with the larger trolls. They grew dummy-heads, that looked like the real thing, but had no other purpose and didn’t even have any real sensory organs or anything. They grew them just because the lady-trolls found them fascinating. XD

Cerberus is a good doggo! He stops the bad people from getting out of Hell. That’s his job, to protect all of us from them, and he does it well. He deserves pets and scritches and tummy rubs and a nice master who calls him a good boi!

‘Course, I’m not real sure he knows it’s just the ‘bad’ people he’s supposed to stop. Ever since that Orpheus thing the difference between ‘bad people’ and ‘everybody’ has been mostly academic, and Cerberus may be a good doggo but that’s a fine point.

Either way It’s the ones getting out that he’s worried about, not the ones getting in. He’s there to make sure that gate only works one direction. So going in? He leaves ya be. Going out? You might wind up having an earnest discussion with him.

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