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See… The problem is… That all you said just there… We have absolutely no way of knowing any of that is true. So how about you throw some actual bone to us?

And would you have any way to verify if that bone was true or not?

Pretty much this. What MIchelle wants is reassurance that this isn’t a trick or trap where Michelle gets served up on a silver platter. Problem is, what sort of assurance can Vera give beyond her word? Michelle does not know how either demons or Hell works, so she has no independent or external means to assure trust. The only thing she has is Bloodcarver and possibly using him as a counter-threat, “if you betray me, Bloodcarver will kill you!” but as we’ve seen, Vera can just suck the energy out of the dragon so that doesn’t work. Bloodcarer has not offered any ideas either.

I think Bloodcarver has accepted it as the only option. The only exits he knows of are the Hellmouths. If he goes back, he’s getting torn apart. He has no choices. Follow the gecko-demon, because they apparently know a ‘back door’.

And if this keeps following the Inferno, well, we all know where the backdoor exit is…

He’s just waiting for Michelle to realize this.

Michelle’s hung up on the entire WHY DOES HELL EXIST thing right now.

I wonder what kind of ‘bone’ you’re expecting. Seems to me that Vera just saw an opportunity and assumed that Michelle would also be game to leaving Dis, and her mounting frustration is that Michelle apparently thinks it’s better to be lost in Hell or captured by the dragons than follow somebody who’s trying to help.

Bear in mind that Vera can draw energy from Michelle at any time and if she were interested in capturing her it would be relatively easy to knock her unconscious and just haul her back like that. She also saved them right at the start, lied to the dragons, and has put herself in a VERY dangerous position once they realize what happened and somebody decides to follow her. If Michelle isn’t willing to take those as expressions of good will I’m not sure what else Vera has to offer.

I mean, I dislike Michelle’s whining just as much as the next guy. She does that a lot in very “Oh, woe must I be a basically Disney princess level special.”

But now we have a literal demon telling her to follow, in Hell, with, like Dena pointed out too, nothing she says being able to be verified as truth.

S yes, Michelle whines again. But at least this time she has some more reason to it.

And then we have a very uppity demon here, giving ton of sas all road long and being just equally whiny, not to mention that she constantly uses her willingness “to help” as reason why everyone should shut about everything and be truly grateful to them.

Just for that last part alone, I say no. The bone I’m expecting is some understanding that just because you’re “willing” to help (most likely yourself more than her, as it’s quite common with “helpers”), does not maketh a saint. People are still allowed to complain. And you’re allowed to reconsider your will to help if your person can’t take more compaints.

Bloodcarver is SO done with everyone’s nonsense, that I’m reading his words in the voice of Stephen Moore as Marvin The Paranoid Android.

Vera is not great at communicating, but I am kind of on her side here. I’m not sure what Michelle WANTS from her. Sure, Vera is a demon and might be lying/trapping them, but even then, there is nothing confusing or mysterious about her behavior. Michelle has just chosen the most miserable place that she has found yet to sit down and stop. Even Bloodcarver, while sympathetic to the experience of not having control, seems like he’s frustrated with it.

That last panel, with the third text bubble removed, would make a great desktop background. Or notebook cover. Or inside/outside of a greeting card. Or full-sized wall poster.
Quiet reminder that if you can’t think of a way things could get more surreal, you’re not creative enough

Michelle to Vera: “I don’t get you”. My thought: what’s not to get? Vera wants the same thing Bloodcarver wants, and for the same reason. Does Michelle not “get” Bloodcarver?

I think it has to do with the emotional whiplash.

When Michelle was complaining about standing on the shades, Vera said they weren’t people.

But when pressed as to WHY Hell exists in the first place, Vera said she doesn’t know, that it was miserable, and she gave the example of: because she’s standing on people.

The same people, just a few moments ago, she said weren’t.

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