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…Maybe there’s a reason it hasn’t been used in forever.

It’s Dis’ honeypot for wannabe escapees. Once activated, colorful things will happen.

there were a few pages about wonderland a while ago…

doubling the cultural shock could be a sufficient motivation for demon to not bother

I forgot we were still IN Obverse & Reverse!

Definitely a reason these two stories are threaded together…

I still think Jim’s story arc was about subverting what you thought to be true. Elenore wasn’t mean even though she’s a ‘monster’. Vera isn’t…well she’s not the Grimm brothers even though she’s a demon.
Observe and then Reverse your thinking.

Or we could get spit out in the Tulgey Wood and be lost forever.

I think another question they need to consider is where on earth it GOES. We don’t need Michelle and the gang getting dumped out at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

If it goes to Wonderland as expected, I imagine the locals would be deeply concerned that an actual portal to hell has opened in their basement.
“I thought that was just a mural!”
“Yeah so did the demons.”

I was thinking that Wonderland would be a perfect place for Bloodcarver to live if Michelle has trouble making him a medallion. If he can convince the locals that he can behave himself. Though I forgot he can be invisible so he could live anywhere that there isn’t a lot of people and air traffic.

He’s invisible now thanks to Vera channeling some of Michelle’s magic into that, and only as long as he doesn’t physically bump into someone; plus, he was able to fool Jim with a glamour out in the woods (while still leaping out of a tree’s foliage to surprise Michelle). When he snuck up to the LA, he had to play submarine to go in unnoticed.

I just read that the Ivory Woodpecker is now officially extinct… had to think back to this adorable totem character from this comic… :(

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