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Well she did got beat up badly just to protect them so I guess it makes her slightly more trust worthy.

Not really beaten up to protect M and BC… more beaten up because she mouthed off to the Brothers.

Mind you, that could be seen as a good way to divert them from looking closer at Vera’s ‘shade’ but we have not really seen Vera as that deep of a planner.

I mean… Aren’t dragons already drained? Michelle is needed just to give Bloody enough charge for a glamor spell so what use would a dragon be without a sphinx even if they could be smuggled into the city without the glamor invisibility?

That isn’t hard to believe, Vera. In fact, it’s so easy to believe that it immediately raises the question of “can we trust her to come up with a plan that isn’t way too desperate, hare-brained and suicidal for our tastes?”.

Now, what was that about you needing an authorized person to open it?

Vera, look around you. Does this place look like somewhere where you can and should easily trust?

This entire webcomic, not just this chapter, is about prejudice and trust. This is just another variation on the theme.
My take on this moment: Vera may in fact be trustworthy, at least for this purpose – but she’s a product of her culture, and her culture is literally Hellish.

You’ve a good point there. All the way back to the days of dragons and sphinxes we see the distrust and prejudice, with it still lasting to current times as the non-humans are arbitrarily separated into monsters and non-monsters purely on whether or not the prejudiced sphinxes made amulets for them to assume human form (and Nemedian Lions would be monsters but for one sphinx having too much compassion to not make amulets for them when ordered not to by the Sphinx council).

Pretty sure the dragons were told to stay in their circle. I don’t think they’re really welcome in Dis proper, and convincing any of the to follow a demon into the heart of Hell — especially the way they’ve been conditioned to trust Dis Pater — wouldn’t be an easy task. Bloodcarver is only here because he’s been outside and knows that the way they’re living isn’t right.

Plus, yeah, they’ve followed her this far into Dis already. She could have led them to her superiors and they wouldn’t have had a choice but to follow. At this point it’s really not the time to raise suspicions.

I’m VERY curious who the ‘authorized people’ Vera is referring to are…

I think they are very much inclined to give you a measure of trust, Vera, especially after that violent interaction, but Michelle is doing the reasonable thing and asking questions when things aren’t quite lining up.
I imagine Vera thinks that Michelle’s extra special sphynx magic can somehow bypass whatever security measures there might be with that Hellmouth.

It is very easy to believe Vera wants to leave. I have no doubt whatsoever that she wants out of Hell, and am even willing to believe this plan is her best option.

The question is whether she’s willing and/or planning to sacrifice Michelle and Bloodcarver to do it.

Again, the issue is not a lack of trust in Vera… it is in the details of her plan’s logistics and technicalities. Too many ifs and inconsistencies for the comfort of someone like Michelle who always has questions.

If Vera was not trusted to an extent they would not have followed her this far.

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