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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 63

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 63 published on 34 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 63

It’s been a journey, but looks like they’re almost home!

It’s the last week to sign up for the current round of Pin Club! This time around it’s the HELLMOUTH. And its mouth opens and closes! Join the club in March and stay pledged for April and May to get this pin in May! More information on the Pin Club right here!


So can you close the mouth on your way out so that no one can follow you?

Okay, that may be a stupid question, but do Hellmouths take offense if someone steps on their tongue? Like, not when it’s in their mouths, but kinda lolling out of it?

They should have taken the cloakkkkk! someone’s gonna find it and figure out what happenedddd

But will that really matter any more?

it does for Vera. If she gets Banished from the mortal plane, she gets sent right back to Hell.

I doubt that the cloak would make any difference for her fate in that case!

They wouldn’t know it was her, though.

She was just escorting a shade the last they saw of her. No dragons, no sphynx.

She talked to the dragons that “caught” Bloodcarver and saved them through the egg as well as bullying the dragons. They probably already reported that to Dragon Papa (dis pater or whatever his name was). That alone would be enough to pin her as a culprit.

The cloak is going to be mostly immaterial. Even if they take the cloak, the dragons have seen Vera in the company of the “captives”. The last people to see Vera were the Grimm brothers who saw Vera with a shade nobody remembers giving to her or even would be willing to give to her. Bloodcarver’s invisibility spell would be known among the dragons. They’d figure out the cloak trick if they take the cloak with them or leave it (if Vera could think of it, so could anyone else). If anything, it raises the question why Vera bothered to even mention it.

Someone in Hell is going to remember that Vera had an unexplained loose shade, when they find that cloak, and likely figure out that she’s escaped. Which is going to lead to speculation about what kind of a shade is more than just a snack’s worth of power and could be used to open a hellmouth. And then someone who’s already noticed there’s a sphinx missing and all the plans they had for it are bust, is going to connect that to Vera’ escape. And they’ll probably send the brothers.

IIRC, there’s a three-headed hound named Kerberos whose mission is hunting down any escaped shades or Demons. Michelle is outside its remit. Bloodcarver may not be depending on whether he’s considered a resident, but Vera is definitely going to get tracked down eventually. As far as I know Kerberos doesn’t bargain, so she’ll need to make some kind of deal with somebody to get him called off.

There’s also an Angel named Mike we last saw around Dogpatch who takes a dim view of demons walking around loose on Earth and will eventually catch up to them. Thing is, he doesn’t work with Kerberos, despite having largely the same mission as regards hell creatures walking around on Earth. So it’s possible he and the hellhound could get into a fight over which of them gets to send Vera (and maybe Bloodcarver) back. Mike doesn’t seem like the sort to listen to reason much, but at least in theory he can be called off or get different marching orders if higher-ups make some kind of decision about the case. And again, Bloodcarver is in an ambiguous position. Bloodcarver was literally hatched in Hell. Mike isn’t too unlikely to just classify him as something that should be thrown back in.

And then there’s the three brothers. They’ll be enthusiastic about retrieving the Sphinx and/or the dragon. They’ll be enthusiastic about catching Vera but she may not be their main mission. They may intend to kill her, take her as a long-term prisoner, or beat her up (or some combination of those things) instead of taking her back. The only “good” thing about the brothers is that their presence on Earth is definitely against the rules Kerberos and Mike enforce, so either would put an end to their stay on Earth instantly if they get caught.

So… Escaping Hell means getting chased.

Both Bloodcarver and Vera are on the “no-no list”, but given their crucial roles in recent events long-standing rules should probably be reconsidered, at least for personalized exceptions, conditioned on good behaviour – if they can and do stick to that, they could both be useful allies to the people topside, I would guess! Plenty of deep-seated prejudices notwithstanding, of course…

As to the brothers: Sure they’ll try to get that job and then to actually get it done, but will they have more luck against a sphinx, a dragon, one of their own and against an angel? Pretty tall order, at the least!

First, I think you mean Gabe, not Mike, regarding the angel.

Second, in regards to Kerberos, it probably depends on whether a demon has a mission topside or not. The Grimm bros have been topside plenty, and no sign of the three-headed dog.

…I mean, I knew it would work, just…

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