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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 64

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 64 published on 23 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 64

Happy April! We’re finally getting out of Hell! This is a big deal for me. Also for Vera.

Speaking of big deals, I have a big update about my TopatoCo store! You can now buy all my books and PDFs at TopatoCo! I am shutting down my Gumroad site, so all PDFs will be available through TopatoCo from now on. You can still buy my books from my personal store, but now you can also buy them on TopatoCo, so you can get shirts and books and socks and posters all in one place!


This hellmouth is really attentive for some reason, but I guess I would be too if I was suddenly woken up after millennia. The three other beings pushing their way through would definitely add to the confusion.

Only… hmm. I now have to wonder if this “hellmouth” really is a hellmouth in the same way the others are. I bet this one goes right to Darklord.

Nononono SHUT THE MOUTH BEHIND YOU. If you could open it you could close the jaw.

Leaving the cloak might have been a mistake. Somebody smarter than Vera might deduce important information from it.
Or they might use magic on the cloak to trace Michelle.

I am, however, glad as heck that they got the heck out of Hades.

…Ain’t gonna say the double-L word. I might jinx their escape.

Vera talked to the dragons after she “took over” the hostage and their delivery to whomever. She was seen. The dragons would remember how she looked like, if not here name. The devils also saw Vera with an unknown shade that probably nobody remembers trusting her with. Right after that, Vera disappears and an open hellmouth is found. Someone may remember that Bloodcarver knows an invisibility spell.

The cloak doesn’t matter. Even if they took it with them for some reason, Vera was the one last seen with Michelle and Bloodcarver. The only question is someone putting it together.

Now just stay the hell (oops) away from Gabe, or any other angelic hunter, Vera. Lest you discover there are more ways than one back to the place you hate the most.

Also, close the door on your way out. It’s not the best look if the sudden, likely unwelcome guest ends up being responsible for some sort of invasion.

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