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I’m gonna think too hard about it

I thought about it too long then finally noticed no blood from the grey one and decided that was good enough.

I think they’re immortal creatures that have temporary, corporeal forms as part of manifestation of a portal to hell. They may even be part of one entity. They can react to stimuli (like another hellmouth taking up their place) but are essentially mindless, like plants. So the gray’s one reaction wasn’t fear but discomfort at the green one displacing it.

….I want David Attenborough to narrate the life cycle of Hellmouth’s now.

Annnnnd now I need to know about Hellmouth anatomy. Are they all interconnected like a hydra? Or is each like their own catdog two headed flesh travel tube?

Back in Hell, the painting on that wall is now the Grey Hellmouth.

I rather think that the end point in the outer ring of Dis through which Blood and Michelle had entered before will have turned into a painting now, while the new one is still open to the center of Dis!

Probably not the best idea to keep that new one online…!

I assume that the Hellmouth can’t just go from point A to point B in a one way trip kinda thing? The other one must have been swallowed and brought to the other end so the door is open on both sides. Maybe the cute fluffy ones represent the living world side, and the creepy green one is to match Hell’s design.

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