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I’m going to answer it anyways.

Michelle and Bloodcarver entered the hellmouth on 2019-10-15.

Damn…Time sure does fly by huh? There is so much that has happened during this time period in between these four years it’s crazy and hard to comprehend. Also there is the whole arc involving Jim, Lorne, Rupert, Eleanor, their parents, and Wonderland that was also taking place at the same time alongside the main story focus of Michelle, Bloody, Vera, and Dis, so there was also that that took a long time to flesh out, update, and develop aswell. So overall, a lot has happened over the course of these couple few years, which makes me feel old, reminds us of how much time has passed, and how so much stuff has happened in between those years in that time frame, webcomic time sure is weird indeed.

Everybody better play nice with each other, because they’re on an isolated isolated island, and Vera is the only one who can’t fly.

Congratulations, Vera. You really nailed the exact place your companions wanted to return to (Fingal’s Cave, same spot where they went into Dis).

Makes me wonder, though: If you can “dial” whatever Earthside hellmouth you want from Dis, shouldn’t hellmouth users routinely spend a moment dialling before going in, unlike what we’ve seen happening Earthside so far (Fingal’s Cave, and Dogpatch earlier)? And wouldn’t it be perfectly clear that, with dragons guarding the hellmouths in their territory, Bloodcarver – with a “can we go home now?” Michelle in tow – would necessarily try to enter Dis proper, where supposedly all the other hellmouths are … ?

Welcome home, Michelle.
Welcome to freedom, Bloodcarver.
Vera, behave.

Considering that she DID pull through and got Michelle and Bloodcarver literary out of hell (not to mention terrible fates), I think she deserves both a ride to civilization, her freedom and probably her own amulet so she can pass for human on top of a lot of charity and gratitude.

Oh, I agree. She’s got lots of reward coming.
Just the same she’s got to adapt to a whole new world. She needs to learn what’s acceptable here and what’s not.
Although I suppose it’s possible she’s had the chance to visit the mortal world, probably in service to more powerful demons. She might have some context to guide her.

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