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oh no, Fingal’s cave! é_è

It’s interesting that she views collapsing the cave right on top of them easier than just shutting the hellmouth.
Then again, it is smart. If she closes it, it can be opened again on Dis side.

took a few days to go through the archive, but I’m so glad I found this story
Kory, I love your work. I happen to enjoy the side comics, they don’t distract from the storyline plot.
If anything, they have added context.
I think I relate to Michelle in the fact she’s always asking questions. For her to cope with the situation, she needs context.
I have ADHD, and I’m in that boat of folks who will ask things that to others seem senseless or frivolous, but for me it helps MY mind sort things out.
anyways, ignore the ppl that complain about updates or story lag or any other bs…this is YOUR story to tell…and that’s something that just shouldn’t be rushed.

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