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Land ahead! Poor Mish, she is exhausted. And poor Bloodcarver. We can now see the full extend of his injuries, wings included. I do hope they will heal now that he is in the ‘normal’ world.

Not just his healing… also what will happen with his family situation, he did mention a wife… poor sad bugger’s situation just keeps getting worse. I do feel for him as he seems to be trying his best to do what he perceives as the right thing.

Well, this is going to shake things up. How do you hide a depressed and disillusioned dragon the size of BC?

Once it is confirmed that Dragons are still around I’m sure folks will start to think more about Sphinxes.

It doesn’t look as if Michelle needs to suppress a panic attack like she did for the “friggin’ billion-hour plane ride” from the U.S. Between exhaustion and trust, there’s no panic.

No, just curling up in her tight economy seat and falling asleep even so!

She trusts that she may not be entirely comfortable, but still in a safe pair of hands – literally.

I hope Michelle gets to make those Dragon medallions.

I hope she does too. It’s Kory’s story to tell. We can’t pre-empt or godmod. But my HOPE is that she ends the war by learning the craft of medallions and making ones for not just dragons, but other “monsters” like bandersnatches. Because it seems to me that amongst the mythics the only reall difference between a “nice one” and a “monster” is whether they can get madallions to exist unnoticed in the mundane world.

It is Korys story to tell, but we all live on a little hope and harmless speculation. I have been thinking for a while that repairing a damaged medalion might be one of her first steps on the path of setting things right. And she knows someone with a damaged medalion… And after that, perhaps she can make a medalion for a dragon she trusts. But then, I thought that she would meet a “monster” in an Avalon and make one for them first up, and it hasn’t happened that way either.

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