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This one might be a bit morbid, but what happens if a mythic is dies or gets badly hurt outside of an avalon (Like Jim’s dad)? Do they have a contingency in place to go and retrieve the remains/missing parts before any humans stumble across it?

I’m also wondering what happened if someone passes away with a medallion on. Does the magic keep them locked to the form they passed in, or do they change back to their true form eventually?

Was cycling through “I’m feeling curious” and came across this:

What do you call people who live in Liverpool?
People from Liverpool do call themselves Scousers though. If, like me, you come from the blue half of town you don’t refer to yourself as a Liverpudlian (which carries an entirely different connotation).

Was there ever a name that was agreed upon in the Liverpool Avalon? or have they themselves heard of this one?

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