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Reunion Page 23: Mrmph

Reunion Page 23: Mrmph published on 21 Comments on Reunion Page 23: Mrmph

My site works again!

I’ll be at SPX this weekend! Table K-11! I’ll be sharing a table with Reed Black and right next to Blue Deliquanti and Kel McDonald! You can’t miss me! Come on by and say hi, I’ll have AMAZING PRINTS and STICKERS debuting! This will also be my first East Coast convention with my BOOKS!




Well, Anthony, it’s a start. Hang in there, kid.

Hope the *sigh* in panel 7 is more on account of Blanche is crap at guitar-tuning, rather than frustrating playing difficulties…

The guitar’s tuning would not have been touched since Anthony last played it, and I doubt that Blanche would have de-tuned it.

Guitars will go out of tune if they’re left unplayed for lengths of time. Strings loose tension and need to be re-tightened and adjusted. That said, I don’t know if Blanche would have tried to tune it if he doesn’t play and doesn’t know how.

I know that point about guitars losing tune over time Sadaka. I doubt though, that a guitar would go clearly out of tune, in a mere few weeks, unless the tuning knobs were worn and unable to hold tension. I also doubt that Blanche would have touched the tuning of the guitar.

In the page, it doesn’t show Anthony trying to check the tuning of his guitar. He simply tries to play it, for the first time since he was transformed.

I don’t think Tony minds the fact that his Ghostbusters shirt is altered, in fact he must be very happy to be able to wear it again. And as for the guitar, he’ll learn. He wants to play the guitar again, he’ll find a way.

I believe in you, Tony

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