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Blanche, you silly boy, you can’t see the screen with that ivory-white curtain in your eyes. No button mashing will save you!

(Wait, how does the Avalon get electricity without arousing suspicion? Magic? They made magic electricity and never told us?? Oh, you *better* hide, you sneaky technopaths, we’re gonna get you for not sharing with the world being in the state it is!) /tangent

That question was asked as an RQ on Patreon back in June, and answered by Kory.
To read her answer, you’ll have to join Patreon.

Could you give a link to the question? I don’t remember that one coming up on Patron, and I can’t seem to find it on there.

What’s the pay grade on that question? I contribute at the five dollar level so I can see the Patreon answers, but I can’t access that one.

Same here, the link just redirects me to the Patreaon front page. I’m guessing this is the Reader Question 10 that seems to be missing when I look at the Creations list? Before this I had assumed the numbering on the RQ going from 9 straight to 11 was just a typo or something.

Chaos, to ask RQs you have to be on the $10 USD tier or above. I just checked the page, and it’s still open to asking questions.
I just copied the URL from the main Creations page Kory has on Patreon.

Oh, I know. But the $5 tier allows you to -view- the answers, and I can see the majority of them… but not that one. (I think it might be mis-flagged?)

They spread the rumor that Google has installed a huge server farm in that building.

Actually, almost any shell company would do, at least from the suppliers point of view. Quarterly bill for McKinnon and sons, grocery wholesalers? Who’d bat an eyelid?

A bigger problem is probably convincing near neighbours it’s still the warehouse it’s supposed to be without a constant flow of traffic. . .

(Were I setting something like this up from scratch, I’d register the site to an archival or storage company. Which would convincingly explain away not only the need for that much space, but both the fact that day to day there was little or no apparent activity, and the occasional arrival of vehicles of up to ‘transporting megafauna’ size.)

Tony, I hope you apologize for such a rude outburst. And perhaps you can try to play with those hands, or those feet

Tony really doesn’t have anything to apologize for.

He does, Mishyana.
Despite his outburst of anger being understandable, he has his actions over the course of the day to apologize for.
Whether we get to see him do that, well there’s only one page to go.

Tony, just remember no one really wants to be in this situation. Everyone’s dealing with it as best they can, and maybe that isn’t the right way, but they’re trying.

I love Blanche’s face, I feel like he’s just thinking: “Don’t make any sudden movements, don’t want to startle him….”

“…What’s he going to do now? Awkward silence? Awkward conversation? Awkward hug? Crying death-glomp? Berserk attack? Hair-pulling attack? Strangulation? Ligature-assisted? I don’t think we have any piano wire in the house… and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to do a rabbit punch with his hands the way they are… …should I pause the game…?”


Whoo! Kingdom Hearts! Looks like he’s playing the Monstro level. And looks like Riku’s there too, so he must be fighting the Parasite boss.

On second thought, I take that back. That’s not Riku, that’s a Search Ghost. Riku didn’t have his skirt-thing in the Monstro level anyway… yes, I have played this game more than once :P

Correct, looks like one of the random chambers 1-6. The place is a maze, but so much easier to navigate once you clear Neverland. Random encounter with a search ghost.

Speaking as someone that’s played the first game, and am ironically replaying that exact portion, Blanche probably hasn’t noticed Tony yet. Combat in KH is a chaotic mess that needs a large amount of your concentration. Which makes it excellent to take your mind off things. I’m expecting a startled-deer reaction when/if Tony speaks up.

How can you guys even tell that much about what he is playing? I can tell it is kingdom hearts by the various meters and such. the rest looks like a water color mess XD

If you look at the walls, it’s pretty obvious that it’s the Monstro level. That’s the only level with walls that have that pattern. And if you know the game well enough, you’ll remember that the Search Ghost is one of the most common enemies you see in that level. At first I thought it was Riku, but like I said he doesn’t have his heartless-skirt-outfit-thing at that point, so I deduced it was a Search Ghost, which also explains the red light coming out of it.
*flies away on a cloud of obscure fandoms*

I love tails <3 But honestly who did the godawful decorating in blanche's house, like how on earth did they do the whole house and not once think "maybe I'm overdoing it a little?"

When you are a deer and your son is a deer and your wife is a deer with wings, it might be difficult to feel you are ‘overdoing it a little’ on the deer motif.

Besides, it’s likely not so much an intentional decorating scheme as it is several centuries worth of family antiques that would be difficult to get rid of.

Yeah, I hated that level too. So annoying.

That reminds me, I need to get a new controller so I can beat the living daylights out of people with a giant freakin’ key once more.
Of course, I’ll be doing it on my PS3 because I’m so haxor that I can do that…

The fact that the Remix of the game recently came out on PS3 (with 2 coming out later this year, yay!) likely helps with that!

Seriously, though, fun game. Blanche has good taste in entertainment.

Is that Blanche’s first shed antler on that shelf? :o

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