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Hi Kory! Um well I was just wondering if you would be at NYC ComicCon in October. I know you said the cons you were going to but I just needed to ask. Anyway love the page, although I wish Tony hadn’t ripped his shirt and just called Blanche.

Ah yes, the Foot Grab and Drag. Even without bird feet we all do this.

Tony! You are indeed in that room!

Since I stopped wearing shoes I’ve started doing this more and more. People look at me kinda funny when I do it, but, what? I have fingers there as well!

Digits would be more correct than fingers, but your point is valid. If you can grab something with your foot then why not! ^^

Useful if you’re wading in the pool and drop something, especially if you’re not a good swimmer; also when I dropped my water bottle on the bus today I reached out with my feet, pressed my shoes on either side of the bottle, and grabbed it. Of course that’s a different method, more akin to using tongs I guess.

I pick things up with my toes all the time, though it’s gotten a little harder to do since I lost the first joint of the big toe on my right foot. When I was at college, if my hands were full and I was barefoot, I’d use my toes to press the elevator buttons. I go barefoot as often as I can get away with it, so it’s a useful talent.

Oh yesh, Kory. I do have a question. I’m starting to host my own comic website but I have more than one comic in mind. I’m wondering if I could host two comics at a time but I’m having a bit of a hard time with it. I’m using wordpress and comicpress and I know you don’t use the exact same things I am, but do you have any tips for me?

I would suggest a Google search on the topic. And unless someone else is writing your second comic I don’t think you would want to stretch yourself too thin over multiple updates until you are well established in one.

As for how to do it exactly? I really don’t know. If you want to get into the code, which I think is the only way to have two updates running this way, I would say use stack overflow. I know a friend who was able to get it to work, but I don’t have a lot of experience on the topic. The best advice I can give you is use and abuse Google.

At least now he’ll get to wear a clean shirt. Has he even bathed since he got there? Ew.

Yeah, I think it’s about time he took a…
( •_•)>⌐■-■
bird bath.

I have this image of Blanche, watching from a cunningly-disguised hide just down the hall, quietly punching the air and mouthing “YES!” when Tony takes the offering. Of course, it would be more likely for him to be in his room, relying on his hearing and familiarity with the acoustics of the house.

Oh, Blanche could *easily* hide right there and in plain sight, with all those deercorations in the Noir’s house … ;-)

(FWIW, dragging the box over the floor like that isn’t going to happen noiselessly, either.)

ok so question (not to do with this page)
why doesnt michelles dad have wings? like in the page where her mum sees him in sphinx form at the end of her bed

I think it has something to do with the type of sphinx Michelle is and the type of sphinx her dad is. One type of sphinx (an Egyptian sphinx in this case) can have another type of sphinx as offspring (a greek sphinx in this case) as long as both are sphinxes. That’s just a hypothesis though, and we would need Kory to lay down the actual rules of this world if we wanted to be sure.

That’s because in the SD universe, male sphinxes are always the wingless Egyptian type, the female ones are always the winged Grecian type.

It’s not quite that cut-and-dried. Check out #7 of the Q&A for Jan/Feb 2012. Apparently, it’s possible to have male Grecians or female Egyptians.

I think I saw a statue of a male Grecian sphinx in the L.A., near the north wall west of the church.

The SD Wiki was what I was going by Lynx-Eye, and it is that cut and dried.

Egyptian sphinxes are the males of the species, and appear similar to the stone sphinx in Egypt, with just the Lion’s body and the man’s head.

Grecian sphinxes are the females of the species, and appear similar to the depictions of the sphinx in Greek pottery and literature, with a woman’s head and chest, lion’s lower body and paws, and a pair of wings on their back.

Perhaps tony is slowly coming to terms here, he is actually using his feet to grab things instead of sliding the box across the carpet with his feet like the rest of us might. I also see a resigned look and perhaps while he his ripping off his old t shirt is a sign that he would at least like to feel something clean against him. As for bathing, not so sure there, presume a harpy would need to bathe the same as a human, but then birds bathe in a different wat, some using dust and others water.

Some time after I learned that Liverpool residents call themselves Liverpudlians, I had an epiphany. Puddlemere United, one of the professional Quidditch teams in the Harry Potter stories, may be fictionally based in the Liverpool/Mersey area. What are the odds of some fan, mythical or mundane, wearing appropriate fan attire?

That would be rather amusing I agree.

Though I will point out that the area is referred to as Merseyside.

If I remember rightly though Ike is a Liverpool football club supporter, and there is another team, Everton football club as well.

My dad is an avid Everton fan. Which is weird… as we live in the south-west of England.

Doesn’t matter where you live, you don’t have to support your local team, you can support any team you want. I have heard of LFC fans in New York!!!
I’ll tell ya what though, trying to drive through Liverpool, especially when the Everton Vs Chelsea game was on last Saturday (30/0814) was a friggin nightmare!

Honestly, I think he supports them for the sole reason of the Beatles. His absolute hero is John Lennon and I guess Everton was more appealing to him than the other club. I don’t mind. I’ll boo if they get beat. The local club is Forest Green Rovers, and I simply dont care, so Everton will do I guess.

I suppose Everton hold something of a place in my heart as well. I will admit I am not a fan of the game, but my grandfather was and was a supporter of Everton, too bad that he passed away before I really got to know him.

I had seen that “Merseyside” term before, and I don’t have a helluva lot of local knowledge. Mostly, I know the region from maps and Wiki.

The team’s name implies that it’s a union of two or more former teams, probably neighbors. Can you think of some reasonably nearby place that could have plausibly contributed the “-mere” part of the name? Blackpool, perhaps?

Of course, such speculation two decades after the books were written is comparable to having a serious hours-long conversation about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It looks like he’s finally coming around, which is a nice thing to see.

hopefully he will realise how much of an arse he has been.

With luck he will.
What would probably be the biggest boost for him, right now, would be if Alec were to offer to help him re-learn how to play the guitar.

You have no idea how happy I am to see that he’s -not dead-. I’m writing my own story where the character has to adjust to magical transformation and a great deal of heartbreaking moments.
Some of my editors have told me ‘I’m surprised that this character hasn’t offed themselves’
Course that would be very, very, very hard to do in a world of magical talking ponies who could either zip in cause they can fly, or use magic to make you levitate.

I kinda’ imagine he’s approaching that phase where he knows he’s being a jerk and they don’t deserve it, but he’s still in a bad mood and wants to be a jerk and is taking advantage of their niceness to get he’s swirling emotions out. Especially since he can always apologize later, when he’s feeling less awful.

Someone mentioned supper or something, which made me wonder how exactly Tony’s managing at the table; we’ve earlier seen him knocking food over by accident, but that might have been due to inexperience. I’m not quite clear whether his digits are flexible enough to hold a fork and knife; for that matter, the only example that comes to mind, the harpies that tortured Phineus and were fought by the Argonauts, are probably not the best examples to judge table manners from, since they were deliberately out to wreck the banquet in the first place. Abbie seems pretty organized, but then she has separate arms, unlike the Aellians.

TBH, his freak-out is completely understandable. A lot of folks were saying he was being whiny, but a few things we aren’t considering are as follows. His body went through a drastic change, while not painful he now has to adapt to his new arms, they literally cannot go back to how they were even if he plucks the feathers because of how they are shaped. On top of that, Harpies are one of the mythological beasts that do not have amulet, so he can never get the illusion either! He can never reverse this change, no matter how temporary these “fixes” would be. Michelle at least could return to human form and could continue college. This poor kid’s life is permanently changed and he now has less freedom then many citizens of Avalon. He can never leave Avalon because he has no amulet. Any other friends, schooling, future plans? Gone. He now has to adapt to a completely new lifestyle so of course he’s gonna be upset.

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