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Blanche’s face is priceless, omg. What a cutie~

Panel 4 is a very close second, Cetan.
Anthony’s shocked expression at learning that feathers grow back, and Adelle’s realisation that Anthony has absolutely no knowledge at all of wings or feathers, is a classic silent panel.

How. The hell have we not thought of this before?


Personnaly, I nominate Anthony’s expression in the last panel. That’s an awesomely mischievous grinch face if I’ve ever seen one…

Are we having a FACE-OFF!?

…I have nothing to contribute, I just wanted to say that.

Perytons are the most adorable creatures. Especially when they embarrass their children. :v

Also. Kory, your comic is the high point of my Mondays– I save it for an evening treat!

Mondays? It only ever updates for me on Tuesdays. Which timezone are you in? I’m in Central (-6:00).

I’m in your timezone. While the comic nominally updates on Tuesdays, new pages typically go public late Monday, around 10 in the evening or so, sometimes earlier.

I live the Mountain time zone and the comic updates on Mondays between 10 and 11 at night so I usually don’t see new page until I check on Tuesday, but sometimes it doesn’t update ’til around 1 pm Mountain time on Tuesday or later.


Way to distract Anthony over his wing angst. ;)

How did I not see this coming?
As a pet name, its just so obvious…
And yet hilarious and embarrassing!

And her smile….
That lady has a wicked sense of humor hidden under the proper demeanor.

But I admit that I really want to see Anthony fly one day.


I greatly approve of Blanche suffering mild embarrassment if it improves Tony’s mood. Poor sod could use a good laugh.

With that much blushing…Its not mild embarrassment. ;)

But it IS something he’ll get over and forgive fairly quickly, because it was his mom doing it, after all.
And it did make Anthony’s day, so it was worth it.

That alone will give cause to his suffering.


Ah yes, the ever popular embarrassing name. Now is it his first name or his middle name? If it’s his first name and Blanche is his middle name I can understand why he would want to go by his middle name, if it’s his middle name then I can understand why he wouldn’t want anyone to know. Wait, what is this that face she’s making when she asks for the feather clippers? It’s marginally creepy!

It could have been worse…

She could have said “Can you be a dear and get my feather clips?”

That would have been a fantastic groaner once folks caught it…
But Adelle obviously isn’t completely overdoing it. ;)


Why are most pages in this chapter tagged as featuring Ophilia Gillis?

My god, Tony. You really do know nothing about feathers. Your reaction was hilarious though.

[Can’t wait for when Tony first uses “Bambi” against Blanche. Well. Aside from being amused enough to repeat it.]

Shortly before Blanche smacks his friend in the jaw for the first time in their lives…..;)


I’m amusing myself with the scene of Tony and Blanche getting into a slap fight after Tony calls Blanche “Bambi”.

Tony loses, because of his hands, but it’s still funny.

I’m going to join everyone else in praising the facial expressions in this one, they are wonderful. I’m going to believe that Adelle deliberately used ‘Bambi’ to take Anthony’s mind off of his problems. Something I have observed, parents live to embarrass their children… and this was a mild example. I really like Adelle, she is a believable character with loads of potential. I do hope that we see more of her.

Wow, mood whiplash between talking to Tony and talking to Blanche.

Why does she have wing-clips? Is it a case of being able to straighten the trailing edge without affecting her ability to fly? Or is it part of a kit for repairing damaged feathers?

I once read an interesting book about falconing. It said something about saving molted primaries in case a hawk damaged its feathers. Basically you glue an old feather onto the base of the existing feather. I wonder if residents of the Avalon do this.

I was thinking about that.
Its called “Imping”
You take an intact feather, trim it to size and make a wooden or stiff iron spline/needle to glue into the hollow center, then attach by sticking the spline up the center of the existing feather base.

Feathers other than hawk can also be used.
I’ve seen pics of a goshawk that had repaired wings using goose or swan feathers.

Its an ancient practice, and when I saw what Anthony had done, it was my first thought.


Ironbadger, some of your posts make me think of an SCA acquaintance who goes by the name Badger.

Theres more than one of us “Badgers” in the SCA.

But yeah, I’m Scadian.

Not real active except online these days, and I can generally be found on the Armour archive.


The last panel of this page gives us the best look yet at Blanche’s second pendant. It’s not the Deathly Hallows symbol (I don’t remember the word, either); there’s no circle in the design.

Its obvious transparency suggests that it’s either a wire-frame image or a clear crystal shape. If it’s a wire-frame, it looks like a subdivided triangle. If it’s a crystal, it looks like a tetrahedron.

Anthony’s feet intrigue me. They’re not any known avian digit arrangement — they look to be vaguely modelled on anisodactyl feet, but not with an offset thumblike first digit like that. Anisodactyl feet aren’t very good for grasping and manipulation — I’m not sure the digits can even be moved independently.
If you want manipulation, you’d want to go for zygodactyly (the arrangement that parrots have), but Anthony’s clearly nothing psittacine. Could be raptorial, I suppose — but still, there’s that weird offset first digit… Pamprodactyl? That would make him a swift of some sort, not impossible given the coloring.

Kory has indicated that Tony’s avian bits are patterned after those of a frigatebird. The feet of a frigatebird, although scantly webbed, are classed as totipalmate, as are those of the related pelicans. Any deviation from that pattern, whatever you choose to name it, can be chalked up to the primate contribution.

I’m sure Tony would be even more unhappy without the primate elements at the other end of his body. I don’t imagine he’d like having a long, pointy beak in the middle of his face or a bright red gular pouch on his throat.

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