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Oh my God, Tony’s face in panel 3

Also is that a wild Jim I see in panel 5?

It’s Paul. Note the brown hair.

Aw, Blanche, always looking on the bright side of things. <:
Also, are those Manticores chilling out on the roof in panel 5? :0 I didn't think there would be any around in an Avalon!

they look like they have their tails clipped, or shaved.

There was a wild post somewhere about this, they do it as a gesture of good faith. Kory said they’re called Statler and Waldorf.

Statler and Waldorf? Like the hecklers from the Muppet Show? Awesome!

What kind of toilets do they use that clipping his tail feathers wasn’t an important issue for him?

While many tailed creatures can use their medallions to easily use human toilets, there must be a wide variety of toilets in the Avalon to support monsters and those without medallions…though I suppose a simple bucket or hole in the ground might suffice.

Some of the monster creatures might not care and just go in the street or wherever they please…

That makes me wonder how many intelligent “monsters” live in the Avalon(s)? Unlike the other residents they have no choice but to hide away in Avalons, so I would almost think they’d make up the majority of the population; but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Hm. Well, Tony is avian, so I’d assume that it works a lot like a bird: step up on a perch (or something) and poo in the toilet from there.

I guess that would be a lot like a squatting toilet.

Oh god, I nearly spat soda on my screen….

If he “expels” under pressure like a large bird…
Can you imagine what could happen after he learns to fly and decides to master “bombing runs”?
Eat your hearts out pigeons and seagulls… Here comes the new “Stuka over Disneyland!” ;P


can we all stop talking about Anthony’s pooping habits now okay cool thanks


Blanche is carrying a pair of drumsticks in his belt.

Now I have this overwhelming curiosity to see his dad….


Maybe Elise has formally been sacked from The Four Horsemen, following the events in Exchanges.
If that’s the case then Blanche would need to do a fair bit more practice work with the band.

That had occurred to me.

Could also be that he is now thinking more seriously about his skills, and is more interested in finding a regular gig with a band?

Greater levels of practice would be mandatory in either case, of course.


Aww, it’s great to see Tony looking so much happier. And Blanche seems to have shed the velvet from his antlers!

I bet at this point Tony would be happier being a “normal” magical creature with a medallion than a… whatever he became.

I mean, he’s probably rather used to the avalon (or at least too busy wallowing in self-pity to keep pondering about the avalon’s weirdness), so he wouldn’t freak out that much about being any other creature, but if he had a medallion he could at least return to a common human life.

Happy Tony is best Tony.

Alrighty, you got out of it once, Tony, but once your feathers grow back you’re flying

That depends on a number of things.
1. What Tim is able to learn over the coming months in the strip, of the spellbreak which transformed Anthony.
2. Whether Anthony learns how to keep his feathers permanently and properly clipped.
3. Whether Anthony ever wants to learn to fly.
4. Whether the internal structures of Anthony’s bones were transformed to the hollow, lighter, bone structures of a bird.

“Unique.” And with hands that are nicely configured for making impressive air quotes, Tony, don’t forget that!

Plus those bird feet provide a wider and more stable base for standing than those human feet you had, plus you can use them to perch. There must be a few perches in advantageous positions and possibly at leg-up height – great for when a venue’s packed…

Zech: …For our last number tonight, we’re covering The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again, but with some new lyrics – dedicated to one of the avalon’s newest residents! Alright- *launches into intro*

I’ll be perching on my seat,
With the claws upon my feet,
And the body I grew up with is now gone,
And the stag who led me on,
Tries to tells me nothing’s wrong,
It’s all lies, and my toe bones are too long.

I turn my back on my new constitution,
Take a swipe at my new evolution,
Gripe and weep at the change all around,
I pick my ankles up, sashay,
Not like yesterday,
Try to get on my knees and pray,
I might change back again.

The change should not have come,
Blanche said so all along,
I was screwed by a medallion, that’s all,
And the world is not the same,
Though it’s only me that’s changed,
Cos I can’t go back to where I was before.


I lose my home and my family besides,
Everything I’ve known in my life is a lie,
I can’t spread out my feathers and reach for the sky
‘Cos I know, with these hips and thighs, I can’t fly.

Now nothing in the street,
Looks so accessible to me,
And my clothes must be replaced by the by,
And few parts of me are left,
In a way that feels quite right,
And my sideburns have grown longer overnight.



Hate my new bod,
Not the same as my old bod!

Tony: ………

Dermot: Hey, steady on the perch, there!

David: Yeah, no falling off, mate – someone could get hurt! More important, you could get perch-banned!

Rupert: Huh, I understand how he feels – that number just doesn’t work without the synth setup…

Interesting idea.

If Tony turns out to be a siren of the older type- The bird body mentioned- Then what happens the first time he tries singing?

The fact that he is based on a frigate bird, (A marine species) does make that seem more likely.
Add that his mom seems to be Greek, and a case of circumstantial evidence seems to be growing…

It would be VERY interesting if it turns out his mom is a siren… And knew it all along.


I think he would still be an anomaly, since Sirens are traditionally female.

As are harpies, which is also the most accepted theory, even to the characters themselves.

OMG, he’s a Tangata Manu! The Tangata Manu, winners of an egg collection/swimming contest on Easter Island, were often depicted n art as ” Frigate Bird/Human hybrids.” So he’s likely to have some Polynesian ancestry; this fits with his father being a sailor.

Wow… I looked up that contest, and it was kind of terrible. The “contestants” were all men in important positions in their society, and they would appoint men of lesser station to do the (often deadly) race for them. Once someone managed to find the first sooty tern egg of the season, fast, fashion a basket to carry the egg in, swim back across shark-infested water, and climb a steep cliff with the egg basket tied to his forehead, the “contestant” who appointed him gained all the glory and was treated as a religious icon (“Tangata Manu”) the rest of the year. I’m not sure if the people who actually risked their lives got anything for it at all.

Well congrats Kory, you have now made your comic yet another one that I must put in my “do not take a sip of coffee while reading” list. If I had been sitting any closer panel 5 would have ruined my keyboard, as it I just have to change my pants. :P

Boy howdy, son! Fullbody Manticores! They were always my favourite. Before reading SD I joked around with a friend about me secretly being one. (But who /really/ knows?)

It’s a sad fact that they’re feared in the community. Possibly the only reason being their poisonous tails and viscous teeth. The first being a friendly reason of why they chose to have their tail docked or sheathed.

I noticed one has a human face and another lion. Would that mean there’re multiple types of Manticore, or is this medallion magic? And will wings ever come into play?

Hey, if Blanche is still playing the drums, maybe they’re going to band practice? How amusing if they needed someone to fill in for vocals and Blanche suggests Tony because he doesn’t have a “half-bad voice” or something. Cue him singing and everyone immediately fawning over him.

Bam. Siren.

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