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Reunion Teaser

Reunion Teaser published on 22 Comments on Reunion Teaser

The March Reader Questions have now been moved to the Reader Question page!

A new comic will be starting April 1st and it’s called REUNION. I hope you like it, I am very excited about it.

I will be at EMERALD CITY COMICON this weekend! Come see me at BOOTH 310! I will have CON EXCLUSIVE medallions, I’ll be on a PANEL on Friday morning, and lots of other cool stuff! For more info click here!


I think that it’s possible that Tony’s not just gonna reveal his form to his mum, but also to his dad. I think his dad is comin back for a visit of something, and then the bomb drops that Tony’s dad is something strange. I imagine it to be something along the lines of when Michelle revealed herself to her mom

And also that Blanche is a freakin’ pasty magic deer.

I can see Blanche volunteering to go explain to Mrs. Gillis why Tony isn’t coming home for a while. Confusion may ensue.

I’m suspicious of anything that’s set to happen on April 1st. It can go one of two ways:
“Today is the day! APRIL FOOLS; we’re putting it off til tomorrow! Man, you really thought we’d do it on April Fools’ Day? Sucker!”
“Oh, sorry, we had to cancel it. Also I burned my house down so you’ll have to wait until I have a place to live before we can continue. I guess I’ll just build a house for myself by hand. It should be done before the year is out, if I’m quick about it. (Do I even need to add the “April Fools!”?)

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