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Well a Hodags favorite food is suppose to be dogs. but they should be safe as long as you keep them on a leash. It tends to get stuck in his teeth and takes him forever to get loose.

His appearance translates nicely to your world btw. :)

I read hot dog. Then I re-read it. Then I went to look for it on the internet. And now I want hot dogs for lunch.
You really have strange critters in the US. :)

We have a feline predator who has longer limbs on one side to run around hills better. Of course we have odd creatures!

We have a creature like that in France, called a dahu (or other local names). Looks like a mountain goat. To hunt it you call it, it will turn around to see who is calling and will fall down.
Or you take a naive city kid out in the night, leave him or her with a big stick behind a bush or a tree calling the name of the dahu. The dahu, being a friendly beast, will come to see who is calling and can be knocked out. Of course, the rest of the group will just have fun waiting for the city kid to realise he had been had. :)

Well, out in the Western U.S. we have snipes which usually live in pine forests (in my experience). They can caught by hiding out in the bushes after dark, holding a gunnysack open, and calling, “Here snipe! Here snipe!”
And snow snakes. You generally don’t see them, just the traces they make when traversing snow fields.
And jackalopes! One of my favorites! The seldom-seen cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope. There are places you can get mounted, taxidermied busts of that critter (looks like a rabbit with antelope-style antlers). Come to think of it, the mounted busts must be fake, because they use smaller rabbits to make them. A western jackrabbit is a big fella, tall and rangy. So I would think that the genuine jackalope would be large also.

So adorable in this style.
I want to pet him and feed him some white bulldogs.
Also shout out to the town of Rheinlander for completely embracing their local critter in their local culture. There were so many hodags the last time I visited.

As far as my own question, I don’t remeber if it’s come up before in Reader’s Questions,
“Do Pisa Birds exist in the Skin Deep Universe?”

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