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Yes, Paulbert… at what age did you start smoking? And at what age, to the best of their knowledge, did your family think you started? And how did that split in your beak happen?

James Finn: Did yer mean “at what age, ter the best of your knowledge, d’yer think your family thought, ter the the best of what yer thought was their knowledge, you started smoking? *taps beak knowingly* Not that I’ve atcherly disclosed the extent of me knowledge, least of all to the wife…

Colin: *studies web page: “Computer misuse for kiddies: learn script-hacking by bedtime.”* Heh heh heh heh heh heh… *sprouts infernal nimbus of incorrigible naughtiness* >:=D *yup, and Right Angle Bracket of Evil on his emoticon – will the world ever be safe again?*


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