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Instead of tumbleweed the streets and halls of the avalon have tufts of fur rolling through them.

Peoples flats and homes though, would be worse.
It does, however, make me wonder something.
RQ: Do peoples homes in the LA have a separate room for brushing out shedding fur?

It could be worse, I suppose. Dean could be based on a Siberian Husky.

I have a friend who used to own a husky. As he says:
“Huskies only shed twice a year: January through June, and July through December.”

It’s in the spring when their winter coat blows out that it’s the worst, though. He says that one morning he woke up and found his dog looking at a pile of fur as if he was wondering “where did the other dog come from?”

I do wonder if there is such a thing as a mimic in the skindeepverse. Someone that can mimic the shape of anyone around them. It would also be good to know if there are elves in the skindeepverse.

I don’t know about elves, but depending on how similar they are to their mythological description, kelpies (like Ike’s mom and step-dad) could take the form of any human, and one could assume that also includes the human forms of those with medallions.

Oh, and in mythology, kelpies can only be killed by silver (like a werewolf) or iron (like most fae). Also in some myths, in their horse form, they have tack (saddle and bridle). If you can remove the tack, and don’t give it back within 24 hours, it will die.

Of course, the kelpies in Skin Deep don’t have these weaknesses, and will probably die of old age eventually. Since they’re related to the fae, they probably have an extremely long life expectancy.

Ike’s mum and step-dad are Bugganes, not Kelpies

Madam U refers to Nokks as “Flesh eaters” and if they are the same as nixies accept with a gender swap, why aren’t nixies “Flesh eaters”?

Different hormones, I guess. Unlike Nokks, the Nixies don’t become psychotic monsters after about 50 years. Having said that, though, look at those teeth. I, for one, would not like to be bitten by Merial.

(I seem to remember this question being touched on in another Reader’s Question, but I could be wrong.)

You’d think that poor old Dean, and those in the same situation, would have people who were prepared to pick up a grooming brush and help out. And are bugbears similarly afflicted?

Lily Snodgrass: Wha- were you looking at me? We’re not THAT close, y’know. :-D Besides, it’s just too funny watching ’em scratch! I love shedding season! ^u^

Alec Hyde: *softly and suddenly materialises behind her in fullform* *sticks thumb in mouth* *blows sharply on thumb, causing his hide to eject a vast halo of creepy-crawlies*

Lily Snodgrass: Yeeek!! *dives for cover*

Alec Hyde: *goes midform* Wotcher, Snodgrass. *hops over expanding ring of scuttling arthropods, saunters off*


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