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I have a question about Dragons, you stated that they are extinct does this include all things that are considered a dragon, like Wyverns, Lindwyrns, Amphiptere etc. or just the traditional European dragon?

Obviously they’re not as extinct as people thought. Case in point, Bloodcarver. Who also mentions his wife (“I meant something like taking a vacation with my wife, not committing high treason”) and a leader (“I’m his second, angel. The father will not take this lightly.”) (Orientations, Part V, page 31)

Now, we have no idea (yet) if dragons can shapeshift at all. The Sphinx-Dragon war implies that they can’t, and that they too wanted medallions. So his wife is most likely another dragon. We also don’t know if “the father” is HIS father, or if “father” is just a generic term for the leader of the dragons. Either way, “the father” is probably another dragon. So there are at least three dragons remaining, and Bloodcarver implies there are more (“Sphinxes have been gone as long as I have been alive, and our way of life has not gotten any better.”)

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