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So since we are on the topic of dogs I would like to a question about one particular dog. Is Cerberus apart of the skindeepverse?

Would that include fluffy from harry potter? or what about hell-hounds?

Ok first fluffy isn’t the guard dog of the underworld, and second hellhounds are big dogs that can travel through shadows and are the size of a semi. Cerberus is the guardian of the underworld well the guardian of the gates of the underworld, is not a nice poppy like fluffy, he turn invisible, and is the same size as a six or seven story building.

Two Questions, feel free to make fun of me over either one. Question 1, Are there any Sidhe in the Skindeep world? Question 2, Are genuine and competent monster hunters a thing in Skindeep and what sort of relationship do they have with the mythic community? I’ll likely have a new set of questions regarding the second question after it’s answered.

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