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2018 Reader Question 129

2018 Reader Question 129 published on 26 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 129

Most pygmy gryphons are a recognizable mix of animals, but sometimes they aren’t! Like Royce here, what is he? He’s a pain in the ass, that’s what he is.

Also not every pygmy gryphon is sapient, so not everyone can use a medallion.


Cockatoo/Snow Leopard, maybe? The patterns on that tail make me think of a Snow Leopard, and that crest of his and his beak HAVE to come from somewhere in the parrot family. Bet he was adorable as a cub, if somewhat destructive (I’ve been around parrots. Oy…)

Do medallions have to be worn around the neck in order to work, or can they tied around the waist/wrist as a charm of some type?
Seeing the shiny at Royce’s waist makes me think.

Technically, having the medallion *anywhere* within a certain distance – about a foot IIRC – makes the magic work. The requirements from “you want to make sure you don’t accidentally drop it as you’re leaning out of the window” may beg to differ, though. Personally, I’ld probably have the thing BURIED in chains and snap hooks …

How do the sapient pygmy gryphons feel about sharing a species with nonsapient beasts? Does this mean that sometimes sapient gryphons will have a nonsapient child or vice versa? The social implications of that… just yikes.

Oh, like Disney’s Gargoyles, who are all sapient except Bronx?

Or how both Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, yet one is a pet?

At least with Bronx it sort of makes a little sense, species-deviation wise. Bronx has no wings, so he’s not in the same “same-but-oddly-not” category as Goofy and Pluto. His biology is just similar, in the way that humans and dogs are both warm-blooded mammals who are generally diurnal and have live offspring, so too is Bronx similar to the bipedal sapient gargoyles in that he’s a magical-type who turns to stone during the day and awakens at night. (Though considering some of the Pluto cartoons i’ve seen, he may not be non-sapient after all. Maybe he’s just a nudist with a bondage kink who enjoys being a pet as his day job. *SHRUG*)

As to the gryphons, I would think that even with “pygmy gryphon” as a catch-all for all gryphons of smaller-critter-mixes, if you’re a sapient type then you’re sapient and all your kids are sapient. (If you’re a sapient type having sex with a non-sapient type, I’m pretty sure that’s just bestiality and also genetically incompatible for offspring. Since non-sapients don’t have medallions, you’d have to be boinking it in full-form, without the benefit of magic folderol allowing for offspring between non-magical humans and medallion wearers, and not every animal in the world is genetically compatible. Humans can’t make half-monkey babies, after all, despite the fact that we’re both primates.)

((please excuse my tendency to over-think weird trivia))

Sorry if this has already been answered, but… If two different kinds of gryphons (say the gyrfalcon/leopard and swiftlet/hyena from last week) got busy and had adorable weird gryphon babies together, would there be any crossover? Like could said union produce a gyrfalcon/hyena or swiftlet/leopard?

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