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Hey Kory, random question: Can Nimeans talk when they are in their natural form? I can’t recall ever seeing that mentioned either way.

I would think that Nemean Lions can talk in full form, otherwise there would have been no way for them to communicate with the Elders in what would become Liverpool, to request to move into the Mythical community there, or for Phineas to be able to talk with his Nemean Lion friend.
Phineas would have had problems becoming friends with a Nemean Lion if they could not communicate with each other.
Illumination chapter 2, page 28 –

Abigail, me again. We know you preen your feathers, but had there ever been an instance where you need to pluck any feathers?

In general, how common is it in the cryptid community for feathers to molt?

Follow up question, what do you do with said feathers?

Heh; you just gave me a really funny thought. Most birdwatchers I’ve known tend to pick up random feathers when out and about– can you imagine one coming across a stray Harpy feather that had been blown out of an Avalon by the wind? One that’s, say, three feet long, in the middle of London or Liverpool or wherever? “Uh… guess I’d better report this. ‘Feather of an unknown bird; plumage indicates a possible Corvus origin but size is… is…’ Screw it, I’ll just frame it and hang it on my wall.”

Not Quite what I had in mind, The otters of Irish lore I’ve read about were described as nearly invincible warriors. Actually, that would be interesting to see, A Nemean Lion and an Irish (warrior) otter in a scuffle, since both practically invincible it could act as a nice surprise for the Nemean

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