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I was thinking about Native American cryptids, and I wondered– are there Deer Women in your universe? There’ve been a few times that deer-antlered women (usually with red eyes) showed up in various storylines– the first one I noticed was when her friends took Michelle to the local Avalon. Are these Native American-style Deer Women, or are they of another species, or even several related species? Thanks!

The deer based male mythical in Orientation was a Faun.
The female Harpy he was talking to was an Aellean Harpy, same type as Anthony

Not the males, the females (hence ‘Deer *Women*,’ capitalization deliberate.) I’m assuming that the ones in Europe and the UK (like the one in the bar who slapped a satyr for getting a bit too touchy-feely) are female fauns, but I’m wondering about the ones in the U.S. mostly. The Cherokee and numerous other tribes had stories about Deer Women– sometimes they entranced and lured men to their deaths, sometimes they just took lovers. They’re scattered through Native American folklore clear across the country– I live in the Sonoran Desert and they’re in the local tribal stories here too.

Here I was, picturing Rupert in human form at the local human school, where he’d be a classmate of Blanche and Anthony (His birthdate is in June ’88; theirs are April and October ’88.) Tony might be embarrassed to learn he’d been gawking at a classmate who happened to be in an unfamiliar form.

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