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Secret third option, the siren was a Bugbear all along

I vote for third option! Also did harpies have arms? It’s been a while since I last saw one.

There are multiple subtypes of harpy – one with arms and wings (ex – Abigail Okypete), one with wing arms ( ex – Anthony Gillis), and one with a completely bird body and a human head (the only one I remember in the comic was in a picture Anthony’s mom had).


Sirens as winged mermaids actually appear in some historical depictions. History and mythology are really fun. (Guess we can add Melusine to the list of Legendaries humans refer to as sirens. They’re more dragon-mermaids than fish-birds, but they have wings and a paddle tail, and humans are known to embellish.)
I think that’s also where the CD project got the inspiration for their Sirens in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, because in the Witcher books the sirens are just civilized mer-people who communicate through song.

Okay, hear me out, hear me out….

What if they got together and had a baby?

Yes, we all know that All Harpies are Female and All Mermaids are Female… but we got at least one male with the genes to do it… (*not so subtle eyebrow wiggle*)

My answer: Greek Sirens were Harpies, but Mermaids took over the name around the time of the Sphinx-Dragon War. This was possible due to Harpies stopping due to fear, as a direct result of Humans hunting down “monsters”, which the Mermaids were less worried about due to being aquatically based.

Both races CAN have beautiful singing voices, but, as they’re individual’s, there are also ones who are various levels of tone deaf, or who simply can’t hold a note. This is also a real challenge for Mermaids who want to be Sirens because “beautiful singing voice underwater” doesn’t necessarily equate to “beautiful singing voice in air” or vice versa.

This has cropped up in my fantasy series. I have harpies, mermaids, *and* sirens, and I haven’t settled on how I want to depict the sirens. I know what their abilities are; they can channel magic through their singing and are often very good at mundane vocal tricks, they all have perfect pitch, and their ancestral language is highly tonal. I’m just not sure on what they look like. I’m leaning toward people with wings and no other non-human-esque features, but it’s not set.

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