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Yay! And FYI everyone: the system has been vanishing around half of my comments as I post them. For over a month now. They’re definitely taken on the system, but they don’t appear. No discernible reason for it. Anyone else experiencing this?

Only times comments of mine have vanished is when I’ve glitched a post and explicitly requested the glitch to be deleted.

Nope. When I hit “post”, the comment is assigned a link number in the address, but just doesn’t appear on the page. Might be a junk filter acting up.

A suggestion Greenwood, next time you see a post vanish, copy/paste the link to this thread so we can see if the post is vanished.

It seems using a medallion to switch forms takes at least somewhat of a conscious effort. But with sleepwalking being a thing, do medallion-users ever sleep-change-forms? Or when unconscious, do they already switch over to a more “comfortable” form to sleep? Would waking up with a different amount of legs than when you went to sleep be just as disorienting as finding yourself laying the wrong way on the bed?

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