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2018 Reader Question 165

2018 Reader Question 165 published on 11 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 165

There are several types of hyena creatures! “Were-hyena” isn’t a real word for any of them and is more of a western neologism than anything else, but Kaftars are pretty close to what someone would think of as a “were-hyena.”

I’m at Midwest Furfest this weekend! Table G16! I’ve never been before, so I’m really excited! Come on by and say hello!


Fascinating. So, after reading up on them, it seems Kaftar are hyenas able to take on man shape (unlike werewolves who are men able to take on wolf shape). Cricotta are instead hyena-like wolf dogs able to imitate human speach and more. There also appears to be a variant of them called “leucrocotta,” but are chimera-like instead. Do leucrocotta exist in Skin Deep, or are they midform crocotta who got caught and now appear in legends?

I can’t help but wonder if there are Avalonians that just,,, Invade furry conventions,, Like how do Avalonians feel that humans just be out there appropriating their look? ….. Then again I don’t know if Furries are a thing in this world and/or time period.

The Kaftar is interesting, she looks dangerous and doesn’t have a medallion so she’d be classified as a monster. Why are some considered monsters and some arent. I mean Nokk are said in comic to be flesh eating something or anothers, and in irl mythology eat people. So why aren’t they monsters?

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