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I was right in the middle of a reptile zoo, and somebody was giving booze to the goddamn things.

Booze is an established means to get a reptile off that’s sunk its teeth into you and doesn’t want to let go. If said reptile actually DRANK it, you were looking at a human who a) didn’t do that the first time BY FAR, and b) forfeits one of his best defenses for what, at best, is a parlor trick.

That works for pretty much all reptiles, including snakes and turtles. Put a few drops of (drinking) alcohol in its mouth and it will let go, or moisten a cottonball with alcohol and cover the reptile’s nose and mouth as much as possible. It’ll let go within seconds. (For snakes, you might use a syringe or eyedropper to make sure that the alcohol doesn’t enter the glottis and get aspirated into the lungs.)

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