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Hmm. Thought from how Michelle ended up turning for the first time that the medallion had to remain on their person to work. Is slipping back into full form during sleep a normal thing?

So in both Michelle’s and Colin’s cases, their Medallions were never anywhere near the fail range during Turning.

As for slipping to full form while sleeping, I think it’s more a lack of control in the case of Michelle, than anything else.
She had only had her medallion for a bit over a week, when chapter 3 of Orientations ends. And by the end of Orientations in chapter 5, maybe 5 weeks at most.

Not that I am complaining here but when is the start of the new chapter? I mean I love all the art work and jokes for the RQs but I want to see what kind of mischief the gang gets into next ( in other words what troubles Jim or Ravi drag them into. Just kidding jim. Ravi not so much.)

barring my crummy memory, is there anyone who’s ever lost their medallion and never recovered it? is there any kind of stigma similar to the way monsters are treated to people who may lose a medallion?

Now I’m thinking about the defensive way both Myra and Greg react when people comment on their medallions being damaged. I wonder, is it the same for folk who lose their medallions, or is that not as bad, since a broken medallion can’t be used even after the person dies?

I suppose a more relevant question from the point of the thief’s view is whether the victim can run faster in his full form than his current form. Even more to the point: can the victim in his full form run faster than the thief? Of the utmost importance is what kind of fangs, claws, venom etc. does the victim’s full form posse?

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