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January 2017 Reader Question 2

January 2017 Reader Question 2 published on 29 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 2

The site is still being worked on, so I’m sorry if you find anything that is broken! Believe me, I know about it, and I’m working to fix it! If you want to get back to the comic, use the “Chapters” drop down to navigate to the chapter you’d like to read! The navigation bars will go through the (currently existing) Reader Questions (until I fix all of them, which will hopefully be soon!).

This second question is a hypothetical gryphon. These wouldn’t exist in Skin Deep, since gryphons are made up of mundane creatures and not mythical creatures. This still would be the absolute smuggest creature on earth, though.


Do any female maned gryphons exist? Ie, females who have manes. If so (or if not) what would they look like?

This has already been answered. You’ll find it if you take an archive dive in the Reader Questions

Maybe! Some of the old reader questions are missing, I’m still working on it! But yes there are female maned gryphons! They look like lionesses with beaks and wings haha.

Meesh’s question was answered in the January 2011 RQ’s
One of the Tumblr readers had asked what Timanda Finn looked like, so you drew her in full form, and also as a bust in a midform.

What would Abigail and/or Anthony think if they met Papi from Monster Musume?

I guess she’d just be a ditzy example of an Allelean Harpy.

I don’t think so.
The harpies in Monster Musume don’t have tails.
While Anthony mightn’t immediately be aware of that detail, Abbie likely would, and Ophelia definitely would, so they’d be wondering just what species Papi really is
Also, the wings on the harpies in Monster Musume don’t connect to the torso at all.

A question that has been bugging me for a while about totems.. I know they are linked to animal species and they die/disappear when the species goes extinct, but how are they… born?

Hi Kory!
I tried asking for this awhile ago during the last set of reader questions:

could you draw some Homestuck characters as creatures?
my ideas:
Aradia: fawn
Tavros: minotaur
Sollux: bohemian lion?
Karkat: crab totem?
Nepeta: nemean lion
Kanaya: noseless one?
Terezi: gorgon
Vriska: spider-centaur
Equius: centaur
Gamzee: literal capricon
Eridan: nok
Feferi: nixie or octopus-centaur

if you could draw at least some of these that would be awesome! thanks!

oh my gawwwwwsh she’s (he?) so smug and fantastic! like a bird of paradise gryphon! (if you wanted to find some way to make them canon). i bet she’d just be seriously fashionable and run some kind of high end boutique…and she’s live in a high rise apartment with industrial chic designs…ok i’m done. she’s neat! carry on!

Do chimeras exist in your world and, if they do, what role did they play in the war between the dragons and the sphinxs?

Kory drew a chimera in a prior Reader Question entry. Due to the current website issues, I can’t post a link to the drawing, though.

You mention dragons in your comic, are all dragons that “evil?”. I’ve been reading plenty of dragon protagonist stories lately, and it seems you are labeling an entire species to be medallion-free with not a good soul among them.
So my questions are:
What principles/stereotypes do they play in the Skindeep world?
Will you draw what a dragon looks like in the skindeep world?
And are there any “good dragons” in this world? let alone a character?

A Western Dragon in SkinDeep, the end of chapter 4 of Orientations, and the bulk of Chapter 5.
I’d like to see Bloodcarver in another appearance in the stories.

As for WHO in the stories most likely labelled them to be not WORTHY of Medallions, the guess is the Sphinx Leaders, based on their treatment of the Nemean Lions.

Bloodcarver captured Michelle, simply because she was a Sphinx, and he had been ordered to capture her. But after realising that Michelle was newly Turned, very young, and unknowing of everything to do with Sphinxes and the Great War, he let her go, telling Gabe “She was an innocent”.

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