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2018 Reader Question 3

2018 Reader Question 3 published on 11 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 3

Sometimes I wonder how much better Anthony would be coping with all this if he could just like, use his hands??? He liked those hands.

I’ve got a Kickstarter going! It’s for a weird pin of an extinct critter, the Hallucigenia! It is very cute!!! Maybe you want one??


I can hear the exact tone of voice in my head

Missus Bing you’ve done it again. Your comic (and little side question answering) has managed to come to life based entirely on what’s on the page. I honestly don’t see that often, funnily enough, me, a webcomics junkie who measures his week based on webcomics’ update schedule.

Honestly, as an artist, I’d probably be pretty fucking pissed if my hands were taken, so I feel for Tony Especially since he did play the guitar at one point. I’m shocked that he wasn’t just cooped up (hah) in the Noirs’ attic for literal months after the transformation cause lord knows that’s what I’d be doing in his position.

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