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I don’t know if this has been asked, are there Naga’s?

I’ve seen several in the background of the scene-setting shots of Liverpool’s Avalon before. None have really been focused on, unless you want to count Madame U in the same sort of group. Sometimes Medusa/Gorgon are portrayed with a naga-like lower body, sometimes they have legs. She wears a dress.

I’m no good at noticing background characters so I couldn’t tell you if there have been any actual nagas featured in the comic, but I do at least have a great head for useless trivia, like for example this Lamia vs Naga reader question from seven years ago!

So, exist in universe, can shapeshift, hella magical. My guess would be that there aren’t any permanent resident nagas at the LA, but I guess everything’s possible in Liverpool.

Is there something like a Cerboros in the Skin Deep Universe?

Cerboros is a Pokemon fanon species, from the fanon fictional gen VIII 3DS games Pokemon Fire/Water, so they’d be released well after Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon which were gen VII games, and concurrent with the gen VII smartphone game Pokemon Go.
Since Illumination is June 2005, there’s at least 13 years to go, before the Nintendo Switch gen VII games, Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, will be released in the SkinDeep universe, in November 2018.
So since Cerboros is from a fictional gen VIII game, its game can’t exist till some time 2020, since the gen VII games are still current.

If you meant the actual three-headed Mythical canine, Cerberus, then so far, we’ve heard nothing about it. Although, since the non-sapient two-headed Byzantine Eagle does exist in SkinDeep, there’s a possibility that a Cerberus might also exist.

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