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2023 Reader Question 88

2023 Reader Question 88 published on 13 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 88

There’s a lot of details about Wonderland that doesn’t really make sense when you think about it too hard, which I guess is a pretty Wonderland thing to do. How did jub-jubs get medallions? Why don’t bandersnatches have them if jub-jubs got them? You don’t see it in the comic, but Mock Turtles have them too. Did sphinxes make them?? It Is A Mystery


How much cross species transfer can you get from a medallion? Could related species like jubjubs and graphics share medallions?

No, they can’t. Even different types of gryphons can’t use other gryphon-types medallions. You need a medallion for an opinicus versus a regular gryphon versus a reverse gryphon versus an uncommon gryphon. I don’t even think things as closely related as a nixie and a nokk (basically sexually dimorphic variants of the same species) can use each other’s medallions.

Into the Gryphonator with thee!

Shrike + Grasshopper Mouse

Two seemingly cute and ordinary creatures, both renowned for their viciousness by those in the know. Shrikes will impale their prey upon thorns or occasionally barbed wire as a way of both storing it for later and marking territory. Grasshopper mice will eat anything from other, less cannibalistic mice up to entire rattlesnakes, and howl like wolves while they hunt.

Honestly, I suspect that some Sphinx used Wonderland as a safe-house temporarily during the early Sphinx/Dragon War, and medallions were made for half the Wonderlander’s who were willing to interact with the Sphinx that were there, before said Sphinx either left to fight, or left to try to hide.

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