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That was actually a really good question, and a simple and elegant solution to the problem.

Well, “simple” as long as you have a cremator (*high*-temperature furnace) and a cremulator (mill to turn remains into “ashes”) handy to *actually* render the bones unidentifiable …

(And let’s not think too much about particularly fire-resistant Avalon denizens. ;-)

Cremation’s a good method in this case; and, depending on the prevalent religious faiths of the inhabitants of the Avalons (and the ones outside– we’ve seen a little about those, but not much on families or solitary non-humans who live outside nonhuman communities, that’d be fun to touch on!) it might even fit with their faiths. Remember the little home-shrine that Mrs. Finn gave to Jimothy when he left, the Hestia shrine? Her symbol is the hearth-fire. Hmmm….. wonder if there are any temples, public shrines, groves, etc. in the Avalons?

BTW, just as a random bit of info that I got from a professional potter: A good-sized pottery kiln (the kind that’s big enough to actually walk inside) CAN reach temps high enough to cremate hominid remains. It might not do so completely, you may have some bits of bone left to grind up, and cremating a several-hundred-pound chunk of meat and bone would do AWFUL THINGS to any pots… but it’s possible. Messy, but possible.

I know a potter who said that when his time comes, he wants to be cremated and have his ashes wedged into clay. His opinion was that it would be a fine final commeration for an artist to be made into art.

Funny thing– I’ve considered the same use for my own ashes! I know there’s a company that makes (believe it or not) dinnerware sets out of porcelain mixed with human cremains, but I dunno; vaguely creepy. Instead, I kind of like the idea of having my ashes become part of a fountain or something else of the sort– something that’ll make people smile to see it.

Dear Mrs. Finn.

Since your children hatched from eggs. Had your husband ever had to breed them, or the older to breed the eggs of the younger ones, when you where really busy? Or did you use an incubator?

I´m asking especially you cause I´m shure all your boys home are to ashamed to answer :P

So I’ll admit I’m pretty curious. There have been brief mentions of Jellicle Cats in Reader questions before, so could you tell us about what they’re like? Do they have an interesting culture, powers, personality traits? Where are they from? I’m curious!

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