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Now I want to see more historical figures as Medallion holders.

This could be fun. In Carrie Vaughn’s series about a werewolf named Kitty Norville, Kitty convinces herself that a certain Civil War general (Sherridan?) was probably a werewolf. Who in history, or on the fringes of history, might we similarly say was likely a gryphon, or centaur, Nemean, or whatever?

You now have my mind working hard on ideas, Lynx-Eye.
Genghis Khan as a Centaur
Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté, as a Bohemian Lion
Napoléon Bonaparte as a Common Gryphon
George Washington as a Nemean Lion
Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace as a Bohemian Lion
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley as a Bugbear
Margaret Thatcher as a Buggane
Manfred von Richthofen as a Pegasus

I remember hearing that the first half-dozen or so planes Richthofen destroyed were German. If he was used to flying under his own power, it might explain how hard it was for him to learn how to fly mechanically — and how he survived those first failed attempts.

I have a character in a super-hero RPG campaign who’s a were-ratel (honey badger). She’s convinced that Rasputin was a were-ratel as well. It would certainly explain his apparent immunity to cyanide. She also suspects that World War II hero Audie Murphy was one.

(In real life, there are many plausible reasons why the cyanide-laced dessert didn’t kill Rasputin; the most likely explanations are that the cyanide had been neutralized by the high sugar content, or didn’t work because of digestive issues caused by a previous assassination attempt where he was stabbed in the stomach. His actual death was caused by being shot in the back twice with a .455 Webley pistol after the cyanide failed. All the other stuff about being poisoned, beaten, and shot before being drowned, were all embellishments by Prince Felix Yusupov.)

maybe, but only MAYBE there was indeed a bugbear historical figure, who hated humanity so much that he wanted to destroy it with a war, i won’t say his full name but only his beginning letters: A.H

Maybe not presidents or kings, but I could well believe that some silent behind the throne councilors are medallion holders.

No, Theodore was a Badgerlord. :D

He even had a pet badger that roamed the white house and had a habit of biting the ankles of congressmen that annoyed Teddy….
(apparently true fact…But I’d have to dig to find the source again after two hard drive crashes.)


Theodore Roosevelt having a badger as a pet is legit. There’s multiple webpages documenting this.
Presidential Pet Museum page on the badger
Theodore Roosevelt’s Josiah

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