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2018 Reader Question 38

2018 Reader Question 38 published on 20 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 38

I chose marine mammals for these because the only large mammals native to the dodo’s island of Mauritius are marine mammals like dugongs, and the same is true about the Great Auk’s traditional stomping grounds!

I don’t know how canon these weird gryphons are, but I sure love drawing them!


Since the mythical community for long had access to its own means of transport, such as the natural ability to fly and swim, as well as portals (e.g. that mirror to Wonderland), does it mean that the mythical populations have made contact with each other before the human ones did? And if so, for how long?

One species I don’t recall being touched on is bats. Are there any bat-totems out there? I live in the Southwest and there are a few really interesting bat petroglyphs and Native American pottery designs that’ve been found out here.

I choose all the canon, because then my reader question from last time there was a break, the thylacosmilus terror griffin, and our new buddies up above, can be friends and hang out at the bar talking about how their anatomy makes life difficult. If they are old buddy duddies at the L.A. watering holes, talking about the old days and messing with the newer generations like Jim’s family in the next part, I will find and hug Kory Bing, somehow, some way, somewhere, somewhen, etc… but in a grateful way, not a creepy way.

So, with all these wild griffins, how does that work? Are there familial lines of all kinds of specific combinations, or are unusual griffins more like totem animals of a region, but manifesting in unique combinations of local fauna, varying from person to person?

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