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Super man lions! :D Hey, how did the doctor/vet end up so scarred? Did another Nemean attack him? Also since he’s indestructible does that mean that being a smoker has no consequences?

He’s a doctor/vet and tends to a lot of Nemean cubs. You can probably imagine how he got those scars now.

That would make sense if he *wasn’t* a Nemean himself. I can’t imagine a cub could do that much damage to an adult Nemean. Now, if there’s a wee baby beastie of a different species that was actually stronger than him, I’d buy it. Either way, I’d love to know more about him.

Kory, how do centaurs dance?

Well, we thought there would be no more new medallions. If Michelle learns to make them…

I mean that’s where I think the story is going, it’s what I’d write at least, as a fellow comic artist.

Bad Ending. Michelle ends up in the same boat Worset and Jocasta were in, times thousands as she’s the ONE medallionsmith.

Unless she teaches Tony or something.

Worse ending. Everybody finds out about it, certain parties become violently jealous, things escalate way too quickly to the point of riots and medallion thievery and somehow Michelle ends up stranded somewhere human-y without her own medallion.

And I just gave myself flashbacks of cat-Hermione hiding in the bathroom in Harry Potter 2. XD

When Nemean Lion powers got brought up, I started wondering: when something that has passive powers like being invulnerable is in human form, are they still invulnerable? Do any other abilities get transferred over when a medallion mythical is totally human? How about a totem?

I seem to remember that a Bugbear in human form still has that enhanced awareness of their surroundings.

A Nemean Lion could be a superhero when in human form, and claim to be from another planet or something, keeping the secret of the mythical population. Anybody look closely at famous comic book heroes to see if they’re wearing something around their neck?

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