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The B52 of gryphons…


If that’s the ‘B-52 of Gryphons’, then what would a Haast’s Eagle/Smilodon (commonly called the ‘saber-toothed tiger’) be called?

I’m sure H.P. Lovecraft had to be one of those ‘oops’ moments. An Avalon inhabitant thought he was an open minded, friendly, human ready to be introduced to their community. Unfortunately despite all positive indicators it did not go over as planned. Most likely an aquatic-centric Avalon. Who else in history was most likely another Avalon ‘oops’ ? What kind of effect would that have on Avalon culture, other than being an oops itself?

While we’re on the topic of gryphons (which do seem to have been the topic for this batch of reader questions and honestly, no complaints at all) – do you think the half-peacock, half-wolf, all-badass simurghs/anghas are a kind of gryphon, or are they something else? It’d be awesome to see one Skin-Deepified if nothing else.

There’s a public service announcement about fishing licenses and boat registration that I’ve often heard on the radio. It asks, “Are you a bear? Do you have a beak? Do you have plumage?”

Whenever I hear that PSA, I think of Skin Deep.

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