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BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! And the thing with knitted items like that is that they can really stretch when they have to.

Lynn: *goes fullform out of irritation*

Knitted jumper: *stretches*

Ike: *!!!* *reacts by going fullform too*

Knitted jumper: *streeeeeetches*

Rhonda: *stuffs home-made pillow in her mouth to keep from guffawing*


Ike absolutely loathes going full form, Greenwood.
August 2011 RQs, number 13,

Shock can make one react in all sorts of unexpected or even inconceivable ways… and how much worse would his loathing of fullform be than his antipathy to occupying the same oversized knitted garment as his mother? Truly, Rhonda Phelton is a worker of miracles! >;=)>

*Screaming* Oh gods I wasn’t really expecting this!

Oh gods as in plural? What is your religion mate?

Be nice.

Hey Kory do any of the characters in skin deep believe in a god/god’s or not.

Adding on that, do the creatures of Skin Deep have their own unique religions?

Well, Mary Finn beliefs is somewhat Greek-based (“Xenia” and a small portable shrine she gave to Jim before he left to USA)

There was a poster for Saturnalia in an earlier strip, so they may celebrate old Pagan customs, and gods?

What would your characters think about the divide between much of the (internet) monstergirls fandom and the furry fandom? Are there any non-sphinx shapeshifter characters in the comic (whether through natural or medallion-based shapeshifting) that prefer a more “monstergirl” mid-form with a more human face rather than a “furry” one with a more animalistic one?

Hey Ivory, did you know there have been 10 confirmed sightings of Ivory Billed Woodpeckers within the last few years, and we now have video evidence they’re still kicking? There’s talk about trying to find them to maybe rebuild the species

Then that’s 12 more years of training in managing the guards for Dogpatch for Ricky and Obi.
Wonder if they’ve had any repeat visits from the Grimm Brothers?

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