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Perhaps some sort of space warping magic was used to bring them there. Also, haven’t we seen a drawing of this before?

Now we need to see this RQ answer and the previous RQ answer posed together for scale!

Humminmouse gryphon: *buzzes down, lands on beak of Haasprotodon gryphon* *cute gaze…* ♥

Haasprotodon gryphon: …Cute! ♥

Humminmouse gryphon: ♥ ^v^


The smallest actual combo would be with an Etruscan shrew. World’s Smallest Mammal!

For the bird part, if a bat is acceptable (yeah I know they’re not birds, but they’re flying vertebrates, close enough), then the bumblebee bat would be perfect. They’re even smaller than the bee hummingbird!

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