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I dunno, we have plenty of roundabouts in western Canada now, and magical is nnnnnot the adjective I’d use to describe them. D:

Magic what now? Wisconsin idiots like me need an explanation if we are to get the joke!

The Magic Roundabout was a long running kids show from the BBC running from the mid 60s to the late 70s (I remember it from the 70s on the ABC here in Aus where we got a lot of BBC content). It was a French stop motion animation show that the BBC had over dubbed. It was very popular with kids and parents. The Roundabout was a magic carousel. It was only when I watched it later as an adult that I realised how it also appealed to parents as it was one of the earliest kids shows where the characters lines often had two levels of meaning so the parents were kept entertained as well.

Here’s an episode on Youtube

They also made a rather odd animated film several years ago, that used character designs from the show, but the personalities were a bit different. It was very strange.
At least it had Whoopi Goldburg and some good music by ELO.
Thanks WaytoomanyUIDs for the clip. Nostalgia from back when PBS was halfway decent.

So, according to the comic so far, Nokks eventually go crazy and start eating people around 50 years of age, or so. How do the young Nokks (such as Ricky) feel about this gradual decline into madness?

How does Meriel feel about the idea that her future children might turn into immortal cannibals?

Hey Bloodcleaver what abilities besides fire breathing do dragons have?

Flight is the obvious one.
From Orientations chapter 5, we know that:
Western Dragons can change their size without needing a Medallion
They can project Illusions
Outside of that, we haven’t been shown or told any more of what powers Western Dragons have.

since when are western drahons possesing shapeshifting/illusion magic?
with these abilities they wouldn’t need medallions

His “illusion” power amounted to casting a simple magic spell (Marshall called it a “grade F” glamour) to fool Jimothy into thinking he’d simply disappeared when he passed out of sight in the clouds. I’m sure that masquerading as human would be well beyond such ability.

But… but.. RINGO STARR narrated Thomas The Tank Engine!

A Liverpudlian hating TTTE is EASILY the most fantastic, implausible thing the comic universe has presented us with in ten years.

Huh, didn’t know the Lyons were…there’s no elegant word for poor is there? I can see it now though since Lorne is best friends with one of the richest if not THE richest griffins in Liverpool. I loved Shining Time Station! Ringo Starr produced it! Or had some sort of hand in it. It was that and Lamb Chop’s Play Along. Charlie Horse is the best, he’s not a bad guy just a prankster, like me. And DON’T SLAM THAT…door. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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