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Well At least he admit that he is an ass.

I don’t understand why people hate Ravi so much, except for the characters of SD…I love him, he’s one of the best characters imo and he provides a lot of useful infodumps. Mmmh, I also wonder why people don’t like me. Am I too an insufferable aloof person? I guess so

I do not dislike Ravi, and don’t really consider him more than monumentally clueless.

A character trait I can live with…Even if I want to take him aside for a few lessons on diplomacy with mortals.

Oh come on…I mean with tea and snacks, and serious discussion.

I may be grumpy at times, but I’m not always an axe wielding, Viking badger maniac. ;P


Funny, I like Ravi. His fumbling attempts to explain his point of view, his genuine desire to help and his inability to understand the point of view of mortals despite attempts to try, his impulsiveness, and the discovery that even his own people obviously roll their eyes when talking about him makes him more goofy than disagreeable. I consider him more like an immortal seven years old Jim-like gryphon in a toy shop than an up your nose superior being.
Of course, I’m not the one having to deal with him.

Personally, I really like Ravi. The obtusiveness of his answers is very entertaining to me.

See, here’s the thing: Ravi’s only frustrating if you try to put him in a box. If you have too many expectations or preconceptions, talking to someone like Ravi can be positively infuriating. But if you engage in the conversation knowing that his perspective is vastly different from yours and that you may not understand his responses right away, and being willing to put in the work to understand, it can be very rewarding.
I’ve known several people who had very unusual ways of thinking and phrasing their words, but they weren’t stupid, nor were they intentionally trying to be misunderstood. You just had to try and see things from their angle before their words made sense.

Ravi is true to actual life. We can’t like everyone. We *shouldn’t* like everyone. Why should you write your comic according to a false set of standards?

I legit love Ravi as a take on how people WOULD react to someone like him realistically. A character like him can be extremely grating (as a reader) *or* extremely good and entertaining and it can all come down to how the people around him react to or challenge him. If he was just, like, RIGHT about everything and everyone was cool with it, he wouldn’t be nearly as interesting to me as someone reading this story, but he’s a disaster man and I love it.

I love Ravi as a character. Of all the mythical creatures in the comic, he’s the most *alien* in how he acts, thinks, and speaks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with him in person! But I think he acts as a great reminder that the cast is *not* human.

I rather like Ravi– it’s good to have a nonhuman with the perspective of something that has never been human, tried to be human or longed to be human (choosing to *appear* human or at least hominid isn’t the same thing, it’s a matter of either comfort or vanity and possibly both.) That being said, I suspect that if I spent much time in his company I’d smack him upside the head eventually.

Frog have been many things to differnt cultures through the years. In parts of mexico and africa viewed as good fortune(bringers of rain), in Egypt a symbol of fertility, in asia they were good luck. They have also featured in aztec and chinese belief of the moon, as well as having themes of transformation through the ages. Going to your popular go to they used to be part of heraldry in France. I wonder in your wold if there are totems or other beings who represent frogs out and about.

Pft, ok, I have to give you that one! I admit, Ravi has always frustrated me from the get-go, especially with how he lacks any sort of self-awareness or respect. His comments seem like he’s talking down to a child, even if he doesn’t intend to, yet the gang’s gonna have to trust him for help. And grabbing people’s hair?! Man, Ravi’s lucky Jim didn’t snap his arm in half for that one! But I guess that’s a mark of a great writer; being able to make all these characters with all these different personalities (frustrating and not) but still make them believable and relatable.

So I guess . . . good job making an intentionally frustrating character that I can’t help but want to slap every time I see him? XD

I always figured Ravi was just an immortal, and like most immortals (looking at you Greek “gods”) they don’t understand or really comprehend mortals and how time and other factors affect them. I kind of understand Ravi’s frustration at some points because the magic he gave the Gryphons should have meant that Papa Gryphon (forgot his name) would have never had to be so horribly maimed to protect the Phoenix Egg.

(I dunno if this is where we post questions but Imma try) Any of the following;
For Martha:How’re ya doing/Who’s a good girl?
For the Grimm Brother’s: *See above*
Is anyone at all aware of the fourth wall
(and lastly)
For Kory: There any asks yer wating for, or anything you wanna draw? ‘Cause if so, then just let’s just say THAT was this last one you do what ye wanna do you are so amazing 47/10

I like Ravi; I think it would be annoying if a character like him was framed differently (read; karma houdini), but your comic and its characters all consistently call him out on his problematic or annoying behaviors. As such, I find him supremely enjoyable and I appreciate his hard work and creativity in inventing warm food.

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