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“Colin’s little carrying case would have a blanket over it or something.”

[pictures Colin being put on his lonesome in an aircraft’s freight hold for a transatlantic flight when no space “for pets” is available in the passenger compartment]

… so. Many. Things. That could go wrong with *that* one. 8-C

All y’alls thinking of airline travel for some reason, I’m talking about like, a day trip out of town in the car.

Am I underestimating Colins recalcitrance when I wonder why he’ld be put behind bars – whether for real, or just make-believe – *inside* a car with, supposedly, only family / people in the know present … ?

(… and, hopefully, tinted windows, of course.)

Kind of makes you wonder about those people you see on the street that look like they’re wearing about five heavy winter coats. Probably just some unfortunate homeless person trying to keep warm. But maybe not …

Then again, maybe they’re homeless Cryptids trying to keep warm. The Avalons, as far as I can tell, still operate on a capitalist system, so those without medallions or jobs would be up against it.

On the flip-side, We’ve seen three Avalons. Dogpatch, Liverpool, and Old Towers Theater Avalon near Missouri State University.
Dogpatch strikes me as a bit of a commune. no money, just favors and barter.
Towers Theatre could prolly shelter a few, but living space is likely limited.
Surely the Liverpool Avalon’s Elders aren’t totally without sympathy for the destitute. You’d prolly work for your room and board, but I’m sure they could find something for those who cannot leave the Avalon for work to do.

Sorry Abby, i forgot you werent born and bred in liverpool.
Also is there an agency specialised on traveling for mythicals? i could see people making big bucks on travel packets for those with “special needs”. Imagine a resort type avalon in middle of nowhere. “We have pools for various aquatic species. we have playgrounds for the young and old. Protected from outsiders via potent magic allowing for free range of forms and species. The perfect place for your family vacation”

I speculated a while back about using nixie spit to facilitate low-cost, concealed travel between port cities such as Cardiff and Liverpool. Of course there are no undersea hazards to be concerned with, and the water is so pristine…

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