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“Anything that’s ever been scary is our doing.”
Most of The Hidden Ones (and even dragons!) find the average human scary.
Hence, bugbears are somehow responsible for the human threat to their peers.

Have fun with the torches and pitchforks, Alec …

Ok, so Bug bears claim the specific, “triggered by the full moon, weak to silver, contagious if bitten” type of werewolf. But we have also seen Wolf people, like Lilly’s friend, and I would be very surprised if there were no Wolf totems in North America. So this makes me wonder how much about “werewolves ” is bugbears, and how much is just humans not really understanding other species.

Lily’s friend, Dean Daud is a Chechen Wolf, a heraldic symbol of Chechnya, similar to how Bohemian Lions are the heraldic symbol for Bohemia.
October 2012 RQ 14 –

RQ: Hey Kory is this story all just jo having a vision on what is to come or is it about seeing the past/ present with Michael as she goes through all this stuff?

The pages involving Phineas, Jocasta, and Wosret, is all a Vision/flashback showing to Michelle from her having touched the Phoenix Egg in chapter 2 of Illumination. Everything else is in the present day of the comic, August 2004 (Orientation and Exchanges) to June 2005 (Illumination)

Ya I know but just seems like it could jo seeing the future and we are seeing it with her but I think I am going to stop asking these kinds of questions they make my head hurt.

The problem is you are mistaking a possible future as being a certainty.
Through her Visions, Jocasta could see A Future for her and Wosret if they stayed in the area where Liverpool would be. A future where they WOULD be dead. It wasn’t set in stone, though, it COULD be changed. And the events involving Ddraig Wen gave increased urgency for doing what would change that future. Their hasty departure and parting ways and going into Hiding.

Okay, Kory! Here’s a list of critters I’ve been curious about whether or not they’re in Skin Deep and their status (Monster, Medallioned, Nonsentient)

Shadhavar (A type of Middle Eastern horse monster with a horn)
Typhonic Hound/Set Hound/Sha (All of them are names for an Egyptian mythical creature associated with the god Set)
Mothmen (Would they be a subtype of Noseless Ones like Bhadraksh?)
Melusine (Are they in the same family as Nixies/Nokk and Mermaids?)

The shadhavar sounds like a unicorn.

By technicality, they’re “unicorns” on the basis of having a horn on their face. But they’re flesh-eaters and predators, and I’m not sure where Kory would draw the distinction, hence the question. I actually talked to her about this in the Discord server, but added it as an official RQ to get a “Word-Of-God” answer on it.

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