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2018 Reader Question 88

2018 Reader Question 88 published on 4 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 88

Lorne got Jon that mug as a way to make fun of him but joke’s on Lorne because Jon doesn’t care. Jon cares about a lot of things, but not that mug.

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How does he drink without getting it in his mustache? Also, where are Jon and Lorne’s parents? Do they know their children are invincible kitty cats and that one of them is as well? In fact while were on the subject, how often do the parents of people who turn get medallions for themselves afterwords?

well, In illumination, I recall Colin getting his medallion from his grandmother. …or was it great-grandmother?

anyhow, they could have recieved it from older relitives, like Greg and Michelle did. If they didn’t have a medallion, they would have to vrg it from Madam U or some other way(once your paired with the right medallion, you can’t change it). Speaking of medallions, Is it possible for 2 ir more people to share a medallion at once?

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